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All over Norway, you will find hotels that are a worthy holiday destination in their own right. Our list includes 10 categories to make sure you stay in style at your next dream destination.

1. Star treatment

Experience the ultimate star treatment by checking in where celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber stay when they visit Norway. Several of these hotels feature on lists of the best hotels in the world. If you’re looking for an excuse to wear that special dress or suit, there’s no need to hold back at these places!

2. Grand manor homes

Enjoy one of Norway’s many stately manor homes, surrounded by lush gardens. They are the perfect setting for afternoon tea, a glass of vintage champagne from a well-stocked wine cellar, and culinary delights that will impress even the most demanding taste buds.

Hotel Refsnes, located close to Oslo on the island of Jeløya, has an extraordinary art collection that includes eight original paintings by the iconic expressionist artist Edvard Munch.

3. Historic hotels

There are many amazing historic hotels in Norway. Get a taste of Norway back in the old days at quaint coastal gems and romantic hotels built to cater for the English aristocrats, who came here to fish salmon in the 19th century. Each one is unique, but you will definitely be able to immerse yourself in the ambience of days gone by without compromising comfort no matter which you select.

4. Rural luxury

Cosy, traditional, stylish. Many of Norway’s traditional farmhouses have been converted into fashionable hotels and guest houses. Discover the perfect blend of simple farm life, rural luxury, and bold design. Situated in some of Norway’s most beautiful cultural landscapes, you can enjoy local specialities made with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

5. Our most Insta-friendly hotels

Cabins that float on the water, “nest boxes” for humans, architecturally stunning viewpoints, cabins by the sea that are partly underground, and luxury versions of the kind of treehouse you dreamed of as a child. Check out these unique places to stay, with surroundings that seem to be made for sharing on Instagram!

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6. Spa extravaganza

One of the longest coastlines in the world, waterfalls, and an endless number of lakes. In a country like Norway, where water has such a prominent place, it's no wonder you have a great choice of spas. Expect indoor waterfalls, infinity pools, steam saunas, Turkish baths, jacuzzis, and more. 

7. Stay in style by the sea

Salty sea air, open skies, a wide horizon. What else could anyone ask for? Well, with gorgeous hotels all along the coast, perhaps a comfy bed in a room with a sea view? As an added bonus, these coastal hotels often serve freshly caught seafood of the highest quality. To recharge fully, stay an extra day or two!

8. Exclusive mountain hotels

Norwegians have always cherished their mountain holidays, and it is easy to find top-class accommodation with fine dining at high altitudes. Choose between modern elegance and hotels with a distinct historic feel that goes back many generations. After a long day filled with outdoor activities in the mountains, you have definitely deserved to rest your legs and be pampered in comfort and style.

9. Boutique hotels

Norway’s boutique hotels are superbly well-designed and give you plenty of room for rest and relaxation. Trendy, exclusive, and intimate, you will be welcomed like a dear friend rather than a paying guest. Everything has been carefully thought out, from the design and interiors to the food and service.

10. Fortress hotels

Forget uncomfortable camping beds and mediocre meals! The beds in Norway’s old, beautiful fortresses have been replaced with soft mattresses and exciting culinary experiences.

Oscarsborg Fortress is situated on a beautiful island in the Oslofjord, not far from the capital. Fall asleep surrounded by exciting history and wake up to magnificent views.

Norway has an absolute abundance of otherworldly accommodation options. Spend the night in a treehouse, in one of Classic Norway's unique hotel gems, or in a historical hotel by De Historiske. What about a trip aboard Hurtigruten – the world’s most beautiful sea voyage.

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