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It's time to relax

Can you imagine a better place to soothe sore muscles and a weary mind than in warm, relaxing water, surrounded by nature?

In Norway, many spas are inspired by Norwegian nature and have a Nordic twist that often includes fjord views and fresh mountain air.

Refreshing, don't you think?

You can also combine pulsating city life with spending a few relaxing hours at a spa!

Many hotels in Norway's largest cities have excellent spa facilities ...

... as do many mountain resorts, like here at Norefjell.

Outdoor adventures, pools, massages, and treatments. What a combination!

So, where do you want to find your zen?

Norway is a cool (and sometimes cold) country – which means that you'll love our steaming hot spas. Check out where to go for some serious R&R.

Norwegian style spas

Imagine yourself floating in a steaming pool, surrounded by mountains, right next to a calm fjord or a glittering lake. Sounds nice, right?

Several recent Norwegian spa facilities have been thoughtfully designed to be in harmony with nature’s own elements. Many are beautifully located with relaxing views of a forest or a fjord. At some, you can swim between outdoors and indoors without even leaving the pool.

Norwegian spas are all about water and more water, an element you’ll see in everywhere in Norwegian nature. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’ll find a lot of hot and cold no, waiticy pools, tubs, and even indoor waterfalls.

Visit Farris Bad near the city of Larvik, which draws its mineral-rich water from a natural source 55 metres below ground. Here, you can also experience a unique spa ritual performed by some of the world’s best Aufguss masters, in one of the largest saunas in Northern Europe.

Just 15 minutes south of Oslo, The Well is the largest bathhouse and spa in the Nordic region, with eleven different pools. It even has a northern lights-inspired sauna!

In Fjord Norway, several hotels offer first class spa facilities with fantastic views of fjords and mountain peaks. You can also experience a spa treat at many of the Historic Hotels around the country.

Feel the zen

Eating well is an important way to live well and several of the country’s spas include delicious restaurants with healthy, local food. Many also offer a wide range of rewarding indoor training and outdoor sports activities for guests who want to get even more out of their stay. Yoga and spa is the ideal combination to get the zen feeling.

Note that some spa centres are reserved for grown-ups who appreciate peace and quiet. However, many places welcome children and even have special, fun activities for them. Make sure to check in advance.

Most places will take care of you year round, and you can usually either book an appointment or just drop in to undress your stress.

Let's get steamy

Saunas are hot in Norway! Most spas in Norway have saunas you can enjoy, but you also find several other cool sauna options outside the spas.

If you want to challenge yourself, you should try the incredible combination of ice bathing and saunas. It's a truly refreshing experience that is actually quite addictive.

Combine skiing and spa, the best from two worlds!

Ski- and spa resorts

Norwegian spas

Check out some of Norway's largest and most popular spas and spa hotels.

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