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Heat up …

… before you cool down.

Aaah! The unbeatable combination of a warm sauna and a refreshing dip in chill waters will make you feel totally alive and awake.

And you’re in luck! New, super cool saunas are popping up all around Norway.

From saunas near famous rock formations, like the floating saunas at Preikestolen basecamp in the Ryfylke region close to the city of Stavanger …

… to rustic saunas by the majestic fjords, for example at Heit Sørfjorden sauna in the Hardangerfjord region.

They will definitely make you happy!

If you’re into world-class architecture, some saunas have that too – often combined with dreamy locations.

Just look at the Soria Moria sauna in Telemark.

After a cruise on the UNESCO Nærøyfjord or a ride on the Flåmsbana railway, book a session at Fjord Sauna in Flåm!  

Snow and ice = yikes? 🥶

Not when you have a sauna nearby! The warm embrace of the sauna’s dry air makes it possible for everyone to go bathing in winter.

And you don’t need Viking blood to try it. Just look at the picturesque setting surrounding the sauna at Gausta in Rjukan.

Or imagine sitting here under the northern lights in winter.

The hot tub and sauna at Skårungen is a superb location for an outdoor spa-like treatment, under the northern lights or under the midnight sun.

Another great thing about some saunas in Norway is that they are located close to cities.

Like Pust in Tromsø, designed like the racks that are used to dry skrei, the migrating cod.

Pust is also the Norwegian word for breath – which is quite fitting, don’t you think?

On a city break to Oslo, go from shopping to sauna! There are several to choose from, like KOK Oslo, Green boats, Bademaschinen and SALT. All are located by – or on – the Oslofjord.

Right outside of Oslo, you also find Norway’s biggest sauna nirvana, The Well.

Here, you can try everything from traditional Finnish saunas to Japanese and Turkish, as well as a bio sauna, a forest sauna, and even a northern light sauna.


Popular sauna experiences

As you’ve probably gathered by now, saunas are a hot topic these days. For years they’ve been a popular addition in spas, hotels, cabins, and even private homes – and now you can try saunas in nature or by the city as well.

From floating saunas to hidden gems in the forest, they all do the trick. Muscles feel less sore, and stress disappears with every drop of sweat. And that cold but oh-so-good dip afterwards hits you like an energy wave.

Do as some crazy Norwegians and kick-start your daywith a sauna and a swim session, or book a sauna as a reward for completing a long hike.

Or rent an island and enjoy the adjacent sauna! One of Norway’s cosy treetop cabins is located on a small island, and when you stay at Treetop Fiddan, you can follow the floating pier back to shore to enjoy the sauna.

It is, of course, also possible to set aside time for yourself to enjoy a sauna as an escape from daily routines.

Most saunas offer private bookings (remember to book early), but many also provide drop-in sessions several days of the week, most often in the morning.

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