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Can you really drive up here? Yes, you can!

And we bet that you will love it. Lysevegen’s 27 hairpin bends take you from Lysefjorden …

… to these rolling, smooth rocks …

… and the mountain massif Kjerag 1,084 metres above the fjord.

This is where you can see the round boulder Kjeragbolten, the rock that is wedged in between two mountains. Make sure your mountain hike is safe, though.

A bit further out in the Lysefjord you’ll find the equally dramatic Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock).

Situated 604 metres above the fjord, this peculiarly square cliff has been namedone of the world’s most spectacular viewpoints by Lonely Planet.

Ryfylke is made up of mighty nature with fjords and mountains, from the Lysefjord in the south to the Ryfylke Scenic Route and Sauda in the north.

The main attraction is the magnificent nature, which provides numerous opportunities for an active holiday.

Take on the 4,444 steps from the roadless hamlet Flørli …

… or admire this kind of scenery on countless other hikes in the area.

Have fun in the water too!

Glide through the archipelago or along narrow fjords in a kayak, or greet the king of the river on a salmon safari.

And be sure to get a taste of nature. The word Ryfylke comes from “rye”, but the local pantries are stocked with many other goodies too.

Bite into jummy, juicy apples or enjoy award-winning apple cider. Here you will also find the only winery in Fjord Norway, Midtsommar.

The climate on some of Ryfylke’s islands is surprisingly mild. On car-free Sør-Hidle, even palm trees thrive in the park Flor & Fjære.

Ryfylke also has a rich history.

Find out what everyday life was like on the mountain farm Haukali 33/3 in the 1850s.

In other places, you can experience history in the making.

Go on a road trip on the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke and see how modern architecture enhances the nature at Høsebrua, Høllesli, and Svandalsfossen.

At Allmannajuvet, you can both explore new and innovative design and go back in time in the zinc mines.

Explore the powerful hydroelectric architecture at Nesflaten, in Suldal.

Looking for short way from fjord to mountains?

In Sauda you can go skiing and bathing in the same day. And don't worry if the sea is a bit too cold for you, the water park is open all the year around and has slightly more comfortable temperatures.

Sauda has also achieved the certification Sustainable Destination, which means that it has made a commitment to work systematically to reduce the negative effects of tourism.

The popular hiking cabin Skåpet is managed by the Norwegian Trekking Association. Skåpet was built to blend in with the mountain landscape.

Or would you prefer to spend a night in The Bolder?

In Ryfylke, everything is in place for you to experience the forces of nature. When are you coming?

Plan your trip to Ryfylke and find out where you can eat and sleep well.

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