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Designer restrooms

The toilets along the Norwegian Scenic Routes are architectural masterpieces. All except one are designed by well-known or up and coming Norwegian architecture firms.

The Eggum pit stop in Lofoten is the smallest design created by the internationally acclaimed Snøhetta, while the loo in Selvika along Scenic Route Havøysund is signed Reiulf Ramstad.

Some are located above the Arctic circle in Northern Norway, others by the popular fjords in the west. You can also find sleek restrooms in remote areas on mountain plateaus in Fjord Norway. Note that many of them are only reachable during summer, as some roads are closed in winter.

The weather can be really harsh that time of the year, and at Oscarshaug along Scenic Route Sognefjellet they even had to reinforce the loo with a steel construction. But it looks cool, right? Almost like a Viking helmet.

More to come

Norway’s portfolio of spectacular toilets is, as you can see, filled with great examples of how something as boring as a loo can become a tourist attraction. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is responsible for developing the Norwegian Scenic Routes and their conveniences, and they still have an ace or two up their sleeve.

They can, for instance, share that they’ve started the work on a forest-inspired restroom, which uses dried wood from around 60 to 70 trees. When completed, it will look like an upside-down tree trunk with roots holding the roof. Just look at this architectural drawing!

We can’t wait to stop here at Tyrvefjøra on a road trip to the Hardangerfjord region, or along the other Scenic Routes for that matter.

Before you start planning a road trip with pit stops at stylish lavatories, however, please remember this: Don’t be that person. You know, the one who leaves a mess, ruining the experience for others.

Make sure you “hit goal” as you take care of business, flush when you’re done, and throw paper towels in the bin after washing your hands.

Get ready for the pit stop of your life and we’ll see you soon. Toodeloo!

The video in the top of the article shows the restrooms at Selvika at Scenic Route Havøysund (architect: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter), Allmannajuvet at Scenic Route Ryfylke (architect: Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner), Utsikten at Scenic Route Gaularfjellet (architect: Code arkitektur) and Bukkekjerka at Scenic Route Andøya (architect: Morfeus Arkitekter).

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