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The fairy tale of Nordland

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There is something about the coast here.

The ocean breeze and weather-beaten docks. Mountains that soar above the deep blue sea. Salty flavours and pure natural ingredients.

The light that makes the colours sharp and bright.

You’ll feel it on the inside, too.

Perhaps your adventure starts here, on one of the world’s most epic roads – the Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten.

Or maybe you want to follow the original coastal route – the highway of the seas – and go island hopping, with or without a bike?

Explore outposts like mythical Træna (photo), the whisky island Myken, and the puffin island Lovund.

Or grab an oar and explore the paddling paradises that surround Dønna, Herøy and Rødøy.

At Rødøy, take the sherpa steps to the top of Rødøyløva, a mountain that towers above the archipelago.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

It is incredible to walk into the hole that goes right through Torghatten …

… and to hear the stories of Petter Dass, a local Lutheran priest and beloved poet, at one of Helgeland’s most impressive museums.

Or to learn about the ancient common eider traditions at the Vega islands. A bird’s eye view of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a sure thing if you follow the Vegatrappa stairs to the top.

Sherpas have built the Helgelandstrappa stairs in Mosjøen – a town known for its colourful wooden houses in the Sjøgata street.

Hot tip: Enjoy tasty treats at Kulturverkstedet or Fru Haugan’s Hotel!

You see, unique is a word often used to describe the TASTE of Helgeland!

Delicious cheeses await at Sæterstad gård, while Vega Havhotell is known for their local delicacies. Other popular dining spots include Hildurs Urterarium in Brønnøysund and Til Elise fra Marius (photo) in Utskarpen.

Head to Handelsstedet Forvik for a perfectly brewed caffeine fix, or to Dønna for a petit four at the local chocolate factory.

Ready for action-filled adventures?

Go rafting or join a guided cave tour, climb a via ferrata or fly across the Vefsna river on a zip line!

And then there’s all those majestic mountains. Which peak should you climb, when you’ve already conquered the Seven Sisters?

Well, only one of them can boast Norway’s most stylish tourist cabin!

The Rabothytta cabin lies right next to the Okstindbreen glacier, 1,200 metres above sea level.

Children can hike up here as well – motivated by the thought of the delicious waffles that await at the top!

Afterwards, you can join a guided tour on the glacier.

Glacier hiking is also possible at Svartisen.

Take the boat across Holandsfjorden or the Svartisvannet lake and experience Norway’s second-largest glacier!

Unless you just want to take a power nap and enjoy the panoramic scenery, that is.

In most of Helgeland, the sun never sets in summer – so you can sleep during the winter instead.

Or … maybe not?

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