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Senja & Central Troms

From sea to summit

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From lush and gentle inland nature to a wild and exposed coast.

Norway's second-biggest island is located in Northern Norway. Its nature is a distilled version of the best that Norway has to offer.

It's an outdoor recreation paradise.

Here are ten reasons why:

1. Hiking

The majestic mountains are a great place to pause and reflect.

There are numerous trails on Senja and the surrounding islands. The most iconic mountains are Husfjellet (pictured), Hesten, and Segla.

2. Fishing

You suddenly feel a tug on your line and look excitedly over at your fishing buddy.

In Senja, you have one of the world’s richest fishing waters at your doorstep.

The turquoise water is mesmerising ...

Makes you want to jump in, right?

Spend a day on the beach with friends at Ersfjordstranda or Bøstranda.

It’s hard to believe you are in the Arctic when you sink your toes into the fine, powdery sand.

3. Skiing

Excitement and freedom!

Skiing off-piste in Senja is something else. The breathtaking contrasts between the jagged peaks and the sea below are truly unique.

Always go with a local guide, both for your own safety and to get the best skiing!

Senja also has an alpine skiing centre with slopes for every level of difficulty.

TheMålselv Mountain Village resort is a wonderful place to spend a family holiday.

The resort is located close to Bardufoss Airport and a two-hour drive from Tromsø.

The whole family can enjoy the downhill slopes, before spending some quality time together with a hot chocolate in one of Målselv Mountain Village's modern apartments or cosy cabins.

4. Wildlife

Nice to meet you, wolf!

About an hour's drive from Målselv Mountain Resort, you will find the Polar Park, the world’s northernmost zoo. See the 'Scandinavian big four': wolf, wolverine, bear, and lynx.

And just 30 minutes away, you will find Polarbadet, an indoor aquatic centre with water slides, spa pools, and saunas.

5. Cycling

Strain uphill and coast downhill.

Senja is ideal for cycling. With some peaceful pedalling, you can enjoy the most stunning surroundings.

Join an evening electric bike tour of the island.

6. Midnight sun

Experience the midnight sun.

Take a break at the rest area by Tungeneset and enjoy views of the Northern Sea bathed in the yellow, orange and red hues of the sunset.

Tungeneset is part of Norwegian Scenic Route Senja. There are a number of beautiful places to stop along the way.

Such as this viewing point at Bergsbotn, where you’ll definitely get an Insta-worthy picture.

7. Northern lights

Senja and Central Troms are located far above the Arctic circle. The northern lights may put on a spectacular show for you, if you are visiting between September and April.

Combine your northern lights hunt with a dog sled tour and camping in the pristine wilderness or staying in a lighthouse at Norwegian Wild.

8. Relaxation

Imagine relaxing with your best friends under the midnight sun in a jacuzzi, outside in the crisp arctic air.

Hamn is Senja's biggest resort, with a relaxing atmosphere. It's also a haven for adventurers, offering a variety of activities all year round.

9. Hidden gems

Although Senja itself might be a new destination for many travellers, there is an even more hidden gem to be found in the area.

Senja's little sister Dyrøya island lies just south of the big island of Senja.

Sheltered from rough weather, this lush green island is the perfect place for outdoor relaxation.

Book a room, for example at Mikkelbostad, and spend some time exploring.

Another place that's well worth a visit is tiny Husøy island.

Fun fact:

The islanders still practice the siesta, an early afternoon rest or nap. Spanish sailors introduced this Mediterranean tradition to the area hundreds of years ago.

Visit quaint fishing communities, like Mefjordvær, Bøvær, Frovåg, and Gryllefjord.

10. Nature at your doorstep

You don't have to go very far to get away from it all.

Travelling to Senja is easy, and there are lots of ways to get there.

In summer, there’s a ferry from Andenes in Vesterålen to Gryllefjord. You may even spot whales during the crossing!

There is also a year-round ferry service between Brensholmen (a one-hour drive from Tromsø) and Botnhamn (in Senja).

Senja has achieved the certification Sustainable Destination. Although this does not mean that the destination is sustainable, it does mean that it has made a commitment to work systematically to reduce the negative effects of tourism, while strengthening its positive ripple effects.

That was just a sample of what you can experience in Senja and Central Troms!

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