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KOK Oslo


Floating saunas in the Oslo Fjord and tours with solar powered boats

Try the authentic Norwegian experience of a floating sauna. Enjoy the invigorating combination of a hot sauna and a jump into the crisp water of the Oslo fjord – all year round. Big windows offer stunning views of the sea and the city skyline, while the wood-fired stove gives you the cosy feeling of being in a Norwegian cabin.

Each sauna can take 10 guests. You can book single tickets, reserve the whole thing for yourself or even book it for a cruise on the fjord! All of the bookings are for 2 hours.

Each floating sauna is equipped with a changing room with a stereo and are at normal room temperature. So here you can take a break between going to the sauna and swimming in the fjord.

You may visit KOK Oslo at two locations:

1. Langkaia, vis-a-vis the Opera House, two minutes from Oslo Central Station.

2. Aker Brygge

Tours with KOK

When the sea is ice-free, KOK offers tours of the Oslo Fjord. The boats are equipped with electric motors powered by solar panels, and glide almost completely soundless across the water while you enjoy the city and the surrounding archipelago. If you are lucky you might even see a seal or a dolphin! The tours are individually curated by the captain, who will try to meet your wishes.

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KOK Oslo


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