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The cabin as a second home

As soon as the weekend or a school holiday arrives, Norwegians flock to the forests, mountains, and the sea to spend their free time in a small cabin close to nature. Do as the locals do and rent a cabin or lodge accommodation on your holiday in Norway.

Cabins in Norway vary from the totally basic (no electricity, water from a well) to the very luxurious, and you'll find very many optionsthroughout the country.

A cabin holiday can be a budget friendly alternative for both families, friends, and couples. Get a cabin for the whole group and enjoy each other's company in a private setting. Many places in Norway also offer family cabins with more space, which is great if you're travelling in a big group with kids.

The perfect getaway

Plenty of indoor kosawaits! A cabin holiday is an adventure in itself, and offers peace and quiet in a cosy environment. If you're looking for privacy, this is the perfect, crowd-free escape.

Don't miss out on experiencing real, Norwegian hyttekos. It's easy to book a small holiday home with professional agencies, such as DanCenter or Norgesbooking. You can also see a selection of major agencies below.

Make sure to book in advance, since cabin holidays are very popular in Norway, especially around major holidays.

Cabins can also serve as a base camp for your adventures. You can rent cabins near Norway's biggest ski resorts, which is perfect if you want to combine your cabin holiday with powder and panoramic views.

Make sure to do your homework before you arrive. Amazing hiking trips, guided tours, and fun family activities may be located close by.

Find your cabin holiday:

Campsite cabins

Many campsites have cabins available for rent, from small and basic to big, well-equipped cabins with living rooms, separate bedrooms, kitchen, shower, and toilet. Bedding is usually available for hire at the campsite, or you can bring your own.

Read more about camping and campsite cabins in Norway.

Hiking cabins

If you are interested in hiking in Norway, you can spend the night in one of the Norwegian Trekking Association’s (DNT) more than 500 staffed lodges, self-service cabins, and no-service cabins throughout the country. You'll find both private rooms and dormitories. In addition, Norway’s largest landowner Statskog also has cabins for rent.

Tree houses

Wake up with the birds in the top of a tree! Sleep in a comfortable bed surrounded by the deep calm of the forest. Spend a night or two in one of the many cosy treetop cabins you can find all over Norway.

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