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Hiking with the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)

An extensive network of hiking cabins allows you to discover more of Norway on your holiday. Hike from cabin to cabin along the coast, in the forests, and in the mountains.

From cabin to cabin

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) runs more than 550 cabins all over Norway, which gives you ample choice of decent, affordable accommodation on your hiking holiday.

There are three types of DNT cabins: staffed lodges, self-service cabins and no-service cabins.

Staffed lodges
The staffed lodgesprovide breakfast and dinner, and you can pack your own lunch at the breakfast table. You will stay in rooms sleeping two to four or more. It is possible but not essential to book a bed in advance: there is always somewhere to sleep. Note that these lodges are open only in certain seasons.

Self-service cabins
The self-service cabins have cooking facilities and food stores. You pay for this according to a price list, which is available at the cabins.

No-service cabins
The no-service cabins are more basic and don’t have provisions, although cooking facilities are available. To get a key to the cabins, you just have to become a DNT member.

All cabins have basic bed linen, but you must bring your own sheets, sleeping liner, or sleeping bag. At staffed lodges bed linen is available to rent.


DNT’s hiking trails are marked with red T’s on cairns and rocks and are clearly shown on the maps. Hiking maps for all of Norway are available from the DNT website.

Join a guided multi-day hike

Joining an organised tour with DNT means you get great company, access to local knowledge, and information about safety on your hike. It is also convenient: DNT’s packaged tours for groups include transport from Oslo directly to the mountains, accommodation at staffed mountain lodges or self-service cabins, and all meals. An experienced DNT tour leader is present throughout the whole trip.

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