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Kos is Norwegian for having a good time!


Breathe in the light morning air. Warm your hands on a freshly made kaffe (coffee) and enjoy the tranquility.


Keep your friends close but your familie (family) closer! Spending precious time with the ones you love.


Escape your busy everyday life and head to the hytte (cabin). Put away your phone, take out a good book and enjoy the moment.

Norwegian kos = Simple pleasures

The most important word in the Norwegian language consists of only three letters. Kos is all about glowing with warmth, kindness, caring, togetherness, and laughter.

Norwegian kos (cosiness) goes way beyond the Danes’ “hygge”, the Americans’ “perfect moment”, and frenetic society’s “quality time”. Norway's mighty nature and distinct seasons inspire people to get together to create intimate moments of cosiness.

Say kos, and Norwegians picture everything from a cosy gathering around a candlelit kitchen table to holding hands while standing in awe in the middle of nature at night, watching the northern lights. Kos can also be used to describe simple things such as enjoying a cup of coffee and a freshly baked cinnamon bun.

Kos can be experienced almost anytime and anywhere, alone or together. It's a state of mind, a sense of calmness, of being present in the moment, and of deep wellbeing and contentment. But it can also be about fellowship, gathering people together, and sharing experiences.

How to use the term kos

Many popular expressions contain the word kos:

Koselig = Cosy. This term can be used in many situations, typically describing a cosy moment, the cosy atmosphere in a place, or even a nice and welcoming person!

Kos deg! = Have a cosy time!

Nå skal vi kose oss = This is going to be cosy.

Gi meg en kos = Give me a hug.

But be aware, if you are invited to sengekos, "bed kos",
things will then go a bit further than just a hug ...

Typical types of kos you find in Norway:

  • Kaffekos (Coffee kos)
  • Familiekos (Family kos)
  • Vaffelkos (Waffle kos)
  • Hyttekos (Cabin kos)
  • Peiskos (Fireplace kos)
  • Kveldskos(Evening kos)
  • Sengekos (Bed kos, slang for sex!)
  • Fredagskos (Friday kos)
  • Påskekos (Easter kos)


In the winter the word "kos" describes a cosy and warm atmosphere – physically and emotionally. The feeling of wrapping yourself up in a wool blanket in front of the fireplace with a hot chocolate and a bowl of sweets.

Many Norwegians embrace kos as a way to cope with the cold weather. It's all about spending quality time with loved ones, enjoying hot drinks and delicious food, and creating a feeling of hygge (friendly comfort) in the middle of the long, dark winter months.


In the summertime, kos takes on a different meaning. It's still about enjoying quality time with loved ones, but now it's more about outdoor living and making the most of the long days and warm weather. This can include picnics, barbecues, music, visits to the beach, and enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes of Norway.

Kos in the summer is all about embracing the joys of the season and creating lasting memories with friends and family.

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