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Reine. Lofoten Reine, Lofoten
Reine. Lofoten.
Photo: Asgeir Helgestad/Artic Light AS/visitnorway.com
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The way north is not always icy cold

According to ancient legend, the name Norway comes from the old norse word Norðrvegr, which means “the way north”, a name given to this long and craggy coast because it was largely ice-free in the wintertime.

Sharing the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland and Siberia, Norway has a pleasant climate compared to these places. Due to the Gulf Stream and warm air currents, Norway has a friendlier climate than the latitude would indicate, and the coldest areas in the winter are often inland or far to the north.

The Atlantic Road autumn storm
Photo: Steinar Melby
Sunday in the Oslo forest - by lake Sognsvann
Photo: CH - Visitnorway.com
Norwegian strawberries
Photo: Øyvind Heen - Visitnorway.com
Playing in the snow, Sjusjøen by Lillehammer
Photo: CH - Visitnorway.com

The year in Norway

Each season has its own charm and character. For instance, skiing in the winter is a very different experience than in the summer, but remember that where you go will form your experience just as much as when you go.

Put a spring in your step

Weirdly, spring can be both early and late in Norway, with the first flowers appearing as early as February in mild years, and yet snow in late May is not unheard of, the very same year.

With the first sign of the sun and decent temperatures, Norwegians will seem to seep out of the woodwork and appear outside cafés and pubs everywhere. The first outdoor coffee or pint of beer of the spring is not an opportunity to be squandered.
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Don’t sleep away the white summer nights

In high summer, temperatures in Norway can reach stifling levels, no matter how far north you go. For the most part though, Norwegian summer days and nights stay bright and pleasantly balmy, and are best enjoyed outdoors alongside close friends and good food and drink. As we Norwegians do. Feel free to come join us for the seaside bonfires at the eve of the 23rd of June, for instance.
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