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Seasons and climate in Norway

Experience the joy of four seasons

There is a popular saying in Norway: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." This is a country where you should bring your nicest bikini, the warmest woolen sweaters, the highest heels and your coolest wind- and waterproof gear!

...and this goes for all seasons!

Thanks to the temperate waters of the Gulf Stream, Norway has a much warmer and milder climate than other parts of the world at the same latitude, such as Alaska, Greenland, and Siberia. The coldest areas in the winter are often inland or far to the north.

Norway stretches from 57° to 78° north, so the climate varies a lot. There are great variations between north, south, inland and coast.

In general, coastal areas have relatively mild and wet winters (but with snow in the mountains), while the inland regions have cold winters with plenty of snow, and hot and relatively dry summers, especially in the east of the country. Here, the temperatures normally lie around 20 degrees during summer.

Rain or snow, the weather does not scare the Vikings. Norwegians are adept at dressing according to the weather and will head out even when it's rainy or windy. However, when it's stormy, it's best to rediscover the great indoors and get in the mood for some innekos, indoor cosyness.

Regional differences

Southern Norway is considered a summer island paradise, with beautiful beaches, boating, and kayaking. The Oslo region and the valleys of Eastern Norway has hot summers as well, but here you'll experience a more marked shift towards a cold winter, with lots of snow in the mountains.

In Fjord Norway the weather is constantly changing. Don't be surprised if you get rain, sun, wind and even snow in the same day. Almost any time of year! In spring, the fruit trees are in bloom. During autumn, the leaves change colour and the mountainsides are a riot of orange and yellow hues. The climate is coastal with a lot of precipitation, especially in the areas that are close to the sea.

Northern Norway is a great place to visit any time of year. During winter, you can experience the northern lights. North of the polar circle, the sun is up all night during summer – a phenomenon known as the midnight sun.

If you remember to dress according to the weather, you can enjoy the different elements, come rain or shine.

Get the latest weather forecast

Check the local weather forecast at, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). Download Yr’s free weather app for iOS or Android.

Enjoy all four seasons


The air gets crisper, the food richer, and the colours more dazzling.

Chase the autumn


Delight in a snow-clad paradise.


Norway wakes up from its winter slumber and bursts into life. Flowers blossom, as do the people.


Don't sleep away the long sunlit nights! Enjoy mild temperatures and lots of fun outdoor activities.

Kos means having a good time

 Norwegians are good at making things cosy regardless of the weather.

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