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Fjellgarden Hovden Fjellgarden Hovden Fjellgarden Hovden
Fjellgarden Hovden Fjellgarden Hovden
Fjellgarden Hovden.
Photo: Marit Kvaale



Welcome to the Setesdal valley
Norway up close®

The Setesdal valley is centrally located in Southern Norway and easily accessible from continental Europe.  
The highway RV9 passes through many villages and the landscape varies from flat countryside to wild and beautiful mountains. Around every bend, in the 210-kilometre long valley, new vistas and activities await you.
In the winter you can choose between two skiing destinations; Brokke and Hovden.

In the Setesdal valley you will find living silver handicraft and traditional music. In the countryside or in exhibitions, you can see minerals from "the beginning of time". Iron production from the Viking Age, local building styles, art and handicraft are exhibited in the valley's museums.

Choose peaceful days relaxing by your cabin or take a swim in the lake or go rafting in the foaming rapids

As you explore our impressive landscape, please show consideration for your surroundings for the benefit of future generations.

Have a nice stay in the Setesdal.

Setesdal - midway between East and West

Hovden is located in upper Setesdal  and is the largest ski destination in the southern part of Norway. The area offers great opportunities… Read more
Hovden and Bykle in Setesdal
Valle and Rysstad are good places to stop and enjoy the surroundings and the local culture. There is plenty of space in the Valle area, with… Read more
Valle and Rysstad in Setesdal
The lake Byglandsfjord is 34 km  long and is part of the river Otra. This gives wonderful recreation opportunities in idyllic… Read more
Bygland, Byglandsfjord and Ose in Setesdal
Explore this interesting area only one hour by car from Kristiansand. The gateway to Setesdal offers a number of activities and is… Read more
Evje and Hornnes in Setesdal
Where to eat
With good experiences naturally comes good food. The a la carte menu at Revsnes hotel offers a mix of continental cuisine and traditional courses from… Read more
Revsnes Hotell, Restaurant
Welcome to Sølvgarden Hotell og Feriesenter! Here you will find modern accommodation and wonderful food. The building is decorated with items from the… Read more
Sølvgarden Hotell & Feriesenter
Literally translated as «Bread & Water», this restaurant in central Hovden has a wide selection of dishes: lunch, dinner, small dishes… Read more
« Stomp & Vatn »
Bykle Hotel is situated 100 metres from the main road Rv 9 and has a pleasant restaurant and cafeteria. The restaurant normally seats 36 guests, but… Read more
Bykle Hotel - restaurant
The Hovden Resort restaurant is open daily from 18.00. Choose from our à la carte and pizza menus. Takeaway pizza also available. "Steak… Read more
Hovden Resort
Visit our pleasant restaurant, where we take pride in using local produce and preserving local traditions. The requirements of our guests have always… Read more
Hovden Fjellstoge Restaurant
Furumo is located in the yellow house right in the center of Hovden. The venerable old wooden house, has historically been the cafe, post office,… Read more
Restaurant Furumo
Tip Topp burger og sånt, centrally located in Evje, has a wide selection of hamburgers, baguettes,pizza, hot dogs and various warm dishes. In the… Read more
Tip Top burger og sånt
Breakfast, lunch and dinner Open daily from 08.00 hours - Cafeteria - Restaurant Read more
Pernille cafeteria
Large cafeteria with a variety of small dishes, baguettes, soups, salad bar, pizzas and hamburgers. Enjoy your meal inside or on our spacious terrace.… Read more
Skikroa cafeteria
Offpiste is Hovden’s most energetic restaurant and bar. For lunch Italian pizza is served, baked in a wood-heated oven by our brilliant pizza bakers.… Read more
Offpiste Hovden - pizzeria and afterski
Located in the middle of the slopes, this exceptional restaurant offers lunch and dinner, après-ski and cocktails. The chef has prepared an exciting,… Read more
Hovden Alpin Lodge, restaurant and meeting place
Camping sites
Cabins, boats and fishing. Kilefjorden, a 3-star campsite, is located along highway 9 in Setesdal, 45 km north of Kristiansand. In these beautiful… Read more
Kilefjorden Camping
Accommodation available in refurbished apartment in cog-joint timber house called "Setesdalshus" from the 1700s. The apartment has large, spacious… Read more
Mineralparken - Accommodation
Hornnes Camping was established in 1934 and have been affiliated with NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation) since 1936. We have 110 spaces for rent,… Read more
Hornnes Camping
Camping by the river Otra! Campsite with 14 cabins for 2 to 5 persons. Situated near the river Otra, 3 km south of Evje. Kiosk. Renovated sanitary… Read more
Fennefoss Camping
Campsite in beautiful natural surroundings! Located by the river Otra, in walking distance from shops. Bikes, fishing gear and canoes for hire. Guided… Read more
Odden Camping
A small and quiet camping place with space for about 18 camper units and 3 cabins with 2, 3 and 5 beds. There are also campervan facilities. The… Read more
Oddestemmen Camping
TrollAktiv is located 7 Km north of Evje and has accommodation in apartments, cabins, teepees and a youth hostel. The total capacity is 200… Read more
Accommodation at TrollAktiv rafting centre
Open all year! Neset Camping is a peaceful, 4-star campsite situated in beautiful surroundings on a headland overlooking Byglandsfjorden, by Highway… Read more
Neset Camping
Just one hour's drive from Kristiansand! Idyllic family campsite by the lake of Byglandsfjorden, next to Highway 9. Trampoline, playground, kiosk,… Read more
Longerak Hyttesenter og Camping
Lakeside cabins! In beautiful surroundings by the lake of Byglandsfjorden you will find the Longerak cabins. Each cabin has a separate shoreline and… Read more
Reiårsfossen Camping (May-Sept.) Hostel, 28 rooms - 49 beds 7 camping cabins - 28 beds Tent/caravans/caravanettes Kiosk Function rooms available by… Read more
Reiårsfossen Camp
Welcome to Sølvgarden Hotell og Feriesenter! Here you will find modern accommodation and wonderful food. The building is decorated with items from the… Read more
Sølvgarden Hotell & Feriesenter
Located in Setesdal, about 3 km south of Valle, by Tveitetunet. We have 10 comfortable cabins and car park with power supply. Tveiten is an excellent… Read more
Tveiten Camping
5 km north of Valle, just 20 metres from the river Otra. Excellent opportunities for fishing, swimming and sunbathing. Newly refurbished 4-person… Read more
Kallefoss Cabin Park
Situated in Setesdal by the Otra, about 6 km north of Valle. 3-star campsite with cabins and modern sanitary facilities. Good point of departure for… Read more
Flateland Camping
In beautiful surroundings, near the river, only 9 km north of Valle, are facilities for caravanettes with hook-up points for electricity and water.… Read more
Sanden Såre
On the top of the Setesdal Valley, 2.7 km north of central Hovden, you find Hovden Fjellstoge. In beautiful surroundings close to the river Otra,… Read more
Hovden Fjellstoge, accommodation
Hiking routes
This is a round trip following both sides of the river for approximately 3 kilometres. It takes you above the treeline and provides a nice view of the… Read more
Børtemannsbekken - round trip 10 km
From central Hovden there are marked hiking trails to four summits. The 1068-metre Hartevassnuten is one of those. From here, there are magnificent… Read more
Hartevassnuten - round trip 4 or 7 km
From the top of Nos ( the ski-lift) , there are two routes. One path goes past "Støylsskardet" and crosses "Støylskardnuten". It reaches path nr.11 ,… Read more
Stølskardnuten - from the top of Nos
This is a great family hike, manageable for children aged five and upwards. This is a round trip, and we recommend to walk clockwise. To get to the… Read more
Hovdenuten - round trip 4 km
Søre Hartevassnuten      1155 m.a.s.l.          Along the lake Hartevatn… Read more
Søre Hartevassnuten - round trip 6 km
Otrosåsen  The cross-country arena, located 2 km to the southwest of Hovden centre, is an excellent destination for outings in summer.… Read more
Summit trip with pram
You traverse a magnificent mountain terrain at an elevation of 1000 to 1200 m.a.s.l. To get the full benefit from such a trip - where you may explore… Read more
Cultural relics in the mountains - 3 to 4 days hike
Make sure not to miss this gorgeous scenery. Gloppefoss is one of the highest waterfalls in the Setesdal Valley, with a great flow of water through… Read more
Daytrip to Gloppefoss waterfall in Valle
Einang is a distinctive mountain peak. The walk starts on a good forest road and continues on a path with some steeper parts. However, this walk is… Read more
Einang, 633 m.a.s.l.
Start from Valle school where you will find a car park and an information board. Follow the road southward to Harstad and continue on the path. At the… Read more
Kvernhusvegen walking path in Valle
Løefjell (934 m.a.s.l.) is one of four summits surrounding Brokke. It offers a spectacular view of Brokke and the landscape conservation area Setesdal… Read more
Løefjell 934 m.o.h
Uvedalsfjellet (795 m.a.s.l.) is one of four summits surrounding Brokke, offering spectacular views. The hike starts at Brokkestøylen, along… Read more
Uvedalsfjellet 795 moh
Vardefjellet (819 m.a.s.l.) is one of four summits surrounding Brokke, offering spectacular views. The hike starts at Brokkestøylen, along the… Read more
Vardefjellet 819 moh
Kvisletoppen (780 m.a.s.l.) is the top station of Brokke Alpinsenter, surrounded by a magnificent terrain ideal for summer and winter activities.… Read more
Kvisletoppen 780 m.o.h - Brokke
Himmelsyna is a familiar concept in this part of Norway. Excellent views from the summit in good weather. To the south you can see as far as the… Read more
Himmelsyna, 649 m.o.h.
The highest summit in the original municipality of Evje, recognizable by the white dome of the approach radar for Kjevik Airport, Kristiansand. The… Read more
Bertesknapen, 652 m.o.h
The Nature Trail starts at Oddeskogen and passes through woods and fields to the Evje Mineral Trail (Evje Mineralsti). Along the trail there are… Read more
The Nature Trail - Evje
Ørnefjell ("Eagle Mountain") is centrally located, with Oddeskogen as a starting point. The trail winds through forest and has some steep sections.… Read more
Ørnefjell 371 m.o.h
The summit Fennefossfjellet is a well known, local landmark, easily visible from all directions with its tall radio/TV/cellphone tower. The trail… Read more
Fennefossfjellet, 490 m.o.h
This trail starts at Lia school. Steep ascent to the mountain Fennefossfjellet. As the initial 1.1-km stretch has a height difference of approximately… Read more
Lia Skule - Fennefossfjellet 490 m.a.s.l.
This is a year-round trail developed and maintained in collaboration between the sports club Otra IL, the municipality and the national defence. It… Read more
Evje lysløype 185 m.o.h
Masi is a viewpoint behind the Dåsnesmoen residential area in Hornnes. The trail follows a path through forest terrain. There are several open… Read more
Masi / Laugefjell 360 m.a.s.l.
The trail runs through a traditional mining and mineral area, in forest terrain with magnificent views of Evje and the river Otra. Recommended… Read more
Mykleåsen, 512 m.a.s.l.
To begin with, the trail follows a tractor road and is fairly flat, before turning into a path with a gradual ascent to the top. Several good… Read more
Vorehei, 443 m.a.s.l
Abusdalsknuten is the tallest summit in the area between the main road RV 9 (Setesdalveien) and FV 42  (Tonstadveien) in the southwestern part of… Read more
Abusdalsknuten, 596 m.a.s.l.
Bispestolane (“The Bishop’s chairs”) are old stone chairs from the 17th century. According to history, this was a coaching station… Read more
Bispestolane, 435 m.a.s.l.
Allmannavegen (“The public road”) is an ancient historical road from Evje to Arendal. Starting at Odde-stemmen is continues in a… Read more
Almannavegen 250-400 m.a.s.l.
Furustovhei is an area characterized by hills (hence the name “hei”) and forest west of Masi / Mt. Fennefossfjellet. Winding through the… Read more
Furustovhei, 567 m.a.s.l.
This undulating trail winds through the forest. As it has some steep sections, especially around the  Mt. Ørnefjell, walking poles may be… Read more
Dansarberga, 418 m.a.s.l.
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    A sustainable destination

    Many places follow sustainable principles, but being certified as a sustainable destination is an honour few qualify for. It takes years of work demonstrating a lasting commitment to providing the best possible experiences for the guests, whilst keeping the negative impact of tourism to a minimum. In addition, the destination must work to continually improve its business practices and relations with the local community, whilst safeguarding their natural and cultural assets, history, and traditions.

    Find out more about sustainability in Norway

    Sustainable destination

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