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17 kid-friendly camping sites

Camping in Norway is fun because you can combine it with numerous family-friendly activities. Camping expert Jan-Henrik Larsen points out some of the many sites that keep the children happy.

“In Norway, camping equals quality”, Jan-Henrik Larsen says. He is the head of camping trade promotion at the Norwegian Hospitality Association (NHO Reiseliv), an organisation that works with the classification of camping sites.

And yes, families with children do go camping in Norway just because of the general quality of the sites. All over the country, you can stay close to nature, even within city areas.

“Travellers also say that Norway feels safe and clean and that the country is a quiet corner of the world”, Jan-Henrik continues.

“And in contrast to the peace and quiet, families can find a great variety of cool activities that will give children of all ages memories for the rest of their lives”, he adds.

Go camping on a playground

Also, many camping sites have recently upgraded their playgrounds and other offers with exciting additions.

Nearby activities range from playing on the beach and paddling to climbing parks, and some sites now even have computer games. Or why not jump into a waterpark, spend a day at a theme park, or discover the life of the Vikings?

“Luckily, no Norwegian camping site is alike”, Jan-Henrik says and recommends that you look them up and plan your route through Norway.

The places below are some of the numerous sites in the Norwegian Camping Guide (in Norwegian, English, and German). Most of them are also found in the listings of Norsk bobil- og caravanklubb (the Norwegian association for motorhomes and caravans).

To get you started, here are some tips to family-friendly camping. Along your route, there will be plenty of other places that have made similar efforts.

Make Fagernes your base

Fagernes in Valdres, Eastern Norway

Fagernes in Valdres lies at the foot of some of Norway’s most famous mountains. By car, there is easy access to Fagernes camping from most directions.

Take part in the lively valley life of Ål

Ål in the Hallingdal valley, Eastern Norway

The lush, V-shaped Hallingdal valley is one of Eastern Norway’s major valleys and a popular tourist destination. The Hallingdalselva river runs right past Hallingdal holiday park.

Discover Grimstad

Grimstad, Southern Norway

Put up your tent at Moysand family camping in Grimstad, a charming maritime city in Southern Norway. The municipality of Grimstad borders to the city of Arendal in the east and Lillesand in the west.

Camp by the Hardangerfjord

Kinsarvik in the Hardangerfjord region, Fjord Norway

Hardangertun hytter & familiepark, or Mikkelparken ferietun, in the village of Kinsarvik is situated at a bay where the Sørfjord and the Eidfjord come together to create the most important part of the Hardangerfjord.

Play in Southern Norway

Risør in Southern Norway

Let the kids out at Sørlandet feriesenter near Risør in Southern Norway. The Risør area is characterised by small islands and other islets that protect against the open ocean of Skagerrak.

Enjoy the fairy tale landscape of Nordfjord

Nordfjord in Fjord Norway

North of the Sognefjord you’ll find the beautiful coastline of Nordfjord. Byrkjelo camping by the Storelva river offers a family-friendly pool and easy hiking routes.

Where the quiet Telemark gets loud

Telemark, Eastern Norway

Take full advantage of the diversity of Norsjø ferieland in the countryside in Telemark. This is traditionally a central port of call at the Telemark canal.

Kick back in Ballangen

Nordland, Northern Norway

Spend eventful days at Ballangen camping in Northern Norway. The site is located by the Ofotfjord only a few hours from Lofoten. The nearest bigger city is Narvik.

Be close to Tromsø

Tromsø, Northern Norway

Troms county offers some of the most exotic experiences of Northern Norway in one place. Tromsø lodge and camping combines wild Arctic nature with closeness to Tromsø city centre.

Family time near the Swedish border

Indre Østfold, Eastern Norway

Discover Inner Østfold and Aremark at Kirkeng camping close to the Swedish border. Life in the forest by the lakes offers a lot of unseen activities.

Hornnes camping & Mineralparken

Evje in the Setesdal valley, Southern Norway

Camp at Hornnes camping near Evje in Setesdal, located in connection with the diverse Mineralparken mineral park, an activity park for the whole family. At Hornnes you can choose to participate in the activities or stay in a more private area.

Go swimming in Setesdal

The Setesdal valley, Southern Norway

The Otra river runs southwards from the Byglandsfjorden lake in Setesdal. Where the river makes a turn, you’ll find the idyllic Odden camping on a peaceful tongue of land.

Wake up to the Molde panorama

Molde in Northwest, Fjord Norway

The city of Molde has a picturesque charm and panoramic views. Kviltorp camping mixes urban fun with child-friendly activities.

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