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11 fun tips for family holidays in Norway

From mountain biking and spotting wild animals to hiking in valleys and skiing down fantastic slopes – Norway has it all, all year long. Check out these top tips for a fun holiday the whole family will enjoy.

1. On two wheels

Most children also love cycling, especially if you take them to one of Norway’s many mountain bike parks. Get the adrenaline pumping and hone your cycling skills at the same time.

Or maybe a cycling holiday is what you need? Hop on your bike and take in the scents and sounds of the landscape. Pedal along one of the national cycling routes, try the cycling trails in the mountains, or venture into one of Norway’s forests.

It’s a good idea to allow time for breaks, too, as you'll want to stop and admire the view from time to time. There are also plenty of attractions and activities along the way, which are perfect for breaking up long and demanding stages.

2. Dream destinations for kids

Let the children take part in choosing your destination. If they have their say, they are much more likely to stay in a good mood. Norway abounds with fun attractions,zoos, amusement parks,outdoor museums, and activity parks designed for families.

Most theme parks are open during summer and have additional opening hours for autumn and winter, while others are open all year long. Note that changes may occur and that some places only offer digital ticket sales. Make sure you check the relevant websites in advance.

3. Fun in the countryside

Many Norwegian farms have opened their doors for visits and overnight stays. Browse the farm shops for top quality local products while the children play outdoors and pet the farm animals. The youngest may even get the chance to ride a real tractor. A farm holiday will give both children and adults memories for life. There are also many beautiful traditional mountain farms to visit in summer.

4. Explore the mountains

Simply going for a walk together can be a magical experience. In Norway, there are great hiking destinations in every part of the country. But it is essential to choose a route that suits your fitness level as well as the weather conditions. Climb to the top of a tall mountain, venture into a forest, or walk trails near a city. For the youngest, even a short trip to a forest lake can be a big adventure.

When the seasons change, bring out your skis! The mountains are just as beautiful when they’re dressed in their winter coat. Go cross-country skiing through valleys and forests or carve down the slopes at one of Norway’s family-friendly ski destinations.

5. Go wild

Kids love animals, and in Norway’s zoos, mountain farms and wildlife parks you can get close to bears, wolves, elks and much more. In the Namsskogan family park, you can even sleep safe and sound in the wolves’ lair. Norway is also home to several Elk Parks, where you may get close enough to pet the mighty king of the forest.

To see animals in their natural habitat, you can join a guided wildlife safari and get close to moose, musk oxen, eagles, or beavers. In Vesterålen, you can go whale watching. Keep an eye out for the local celebrity whale named Glenn!

6. Natural adventures

Norway’s nature is not just beautiful, it's also a fantastic playground with great experiences for everyone. Join a guided glacier walk and explore ice towers, ice tunnels and deep fissures. Get your adrenaline pumping on a via ferrata or get close to nature with a dog sledding trip or horse riding. Or why not ride a funicular or cable car for amazing views and a unique experience?

7. Water sports

You can have so much fun doing water sports! With the world’s second-longest coastline, 239,057 islands, and thousands of lakes, Norway is an Eldorado for paddling. Learn the fine art of kayaking or canoeing by taking a course or a joining a guided paddle tour, or go exploring on your own.

If you want to catch bigger waves, you can go surfing. In many rivers, you will also find family-friendly rafting options. Experience the power of the water, have a whale of a time, and return home with lots to talk about.

8. Unique accommodation

A family holiday is all about creating special moments. What could be better than waking up in one of Norway’s many treetop cabins, among the squirrels and twittering birds? Or maybe you prefer the idea of being lulled to sleep by the sound of waves in a lighthouse? Or why not check out some of Norway’s amazing glamping options: Book a night in a yurt, a glass igloo, a lavvo (a Sami tent), or a cocoon. There is also plenty of fun to be had and new holiday friends for the kids to make at a kid-friendly camp site.

9. Railbiking

Abandoned railway lines definitely bring your imagination to life. Pedal the tracks on a draisine, available to rent in Valdres, Numedal, Namsos and Flekkefjord. Don't worry about being surprised by a train — these trips run along closed railway lines. A safe bet for all ages.

10. Discover a new world

When it’s raining outside, have fun inside! In Norway, you’ll find lots of exciting museums, science centres and even a Viking planet. Some of the largest museums also have exhibitions for the youngest children, too. Travel back in time, be a Viking for a day, or learn about nature’s mysteries, both big and small.

From interactive installations and exhibitions to shows and guides tours – your family will stay fascinated for hours!

11. Go swimming

Find a lovely, clear lake, or just jump in the ocean. There is no summer without swimming! Fortunately, the Norwegian coast is full of great bathing spots, from deep-water paradises for the little ones to fierce surf beaches and smooth-cut rocky cliffs that invite both swallow diving and diving. With over 200,000 islands and countless bays, it should also be easy to find a small cove or islet that you can have almost to yourself. Perhaps you will discover a new, slightly secret favourite bathing spot this summer?

Sleep comfortably and soundly in a stylish hotel or rent a cosy cottage or holiday house. After a day of activities, tuck into a plate of delicious local food.

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