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Where to travel with small children in Norway

Travelling in Norway with small kids? Here are some tips on the best places to go, things to do, and practical advice for a fun family holiday.

Norway is a very safe and child-friendly place. In fact, the whole country is a natural playground, and we don't mind if our kids get a bit dirty ... we even encourage it! And don't worry, if it's raining, there is plenty of indoor fun as well. Here are some good tips on how to make sure the kids have a wonderful time – and mum and dad too!

1. A day at the beach

Sunny weather (or at least not pouring rain), a bucket and a crab line – now you're all set for a fun day at the beach!

Beaches are the perfect place for family adventures. Go crabbing, hire a paddle boat, dive off a pier into refreshing water, and cool down with an ice cream. Or, take the little ones on a stroll along the shore and look for beautiful shells and other treasure.

On most beaches you will have plenty of space for the whole family. Remember to bring a parasol for some shade on hot days! You'll find several Blue Flag certified beaches in Norway, which means they have clean water and a clean coastline, and provide good safety and access for all.

Find the perfect spot:

2. Wonderful farm visits

Play in the hay, cuddle cute animals, and maybe try horse riding for the first time? Going to a welcoming visitor farm is guaranteed to be a success, for both you and the kids.

You can find visitor farms with plenty of fun farm activities throughout the country. Let the kids run free and say hi to the goats, take part in feeding the animals, and, in some places, ride a real tractor! Want to extend your visit? Some farms offer overnight stays, giving your family more time to enjoy the fun and relaxing countryside.

Check out these farms, packed with family activities:

Looking for a truly unique experience? Greet some llamas or go for a guided walk with alpacas! These cute, charming animals are guaranteed to make you laugh along the way.

Here's where you can meet them:

3. Theme parks for small kids

Most theme parks in Norway have designated play areas with activities that are perfect for small kids. You'll even find parks designed for the youngest children, like the adventure park Lilleputthammer, beside Hunderfossen Amusement Park, close to Lillehammer in Eastern Norway. The kids will feel like giants in the parks' miniature town and have lots of fun on its mini rollercoasters!

At Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park (Dyreparken), the biggest of its kind in Norway, lots of rides and activities are especially designed for small kids. In both Dyreparken and the excellent amusement park Kongeparken in Stavanger, you can stay overnight in fairytale houses or cool glamping tents. A night to remember, forever! Both parks have plenty of action for bigger kids too. 

Get ready for a fun day with the little ones:

4. Zoos and wildlife parks

Get close to bears, wolves and other exciting animals in a zoo or wildlife park, or have a fun day at an aquarium! In some parks, you can even pet the mighty king of the forest, the moose. Or how about spending a night with the wolves? In Namsskogan family park, you can sleep safe and sound in the wolves' lair – an unforgettable experience.

Remember to check when the feeding takes place, so you can get a closer look at the fascinating animals!

Find a zoo, wildlife park or aquarium:

5. Hiking with kids

Hiking can be a fun adventure for the whole family. Keep in mind that you don't need to take a long walk — short hikes can be just as rewarding! Search for easy hiking trails suitable for kids, find idyllic lakes where you can go fishing together, and a nice bathing spot to cool down.

The mountains and forests are full of exciting mysteries for the little ones to explore. Study anthills, climb trees and explore trails. Can you spot any birds and animals? Nature is the best playground!

Remember to plan extra time when hiking with small children, and don't forget to bring along some chocolate and plenty of water!

Get more useful tips on hiking with kids:

6. Fun bike parks

Bike parks are becoming increasingly popular in Norway, with new ones popping up around the country. They're great fun for adults and children alike, and suitable for smaller children who have just started to ride a bike. Try riding a pump track, where you 'pump' around the track instead of pedalling. It' so easy, even the smallest member of the family can do it!

The Trysil, Hemsedal, Geilo and Hafjell area is home to several amazing bike parks

Practical tips for travelling with kids:

  • If driving, plan short trips with lots of stops. Visit a farm along the way, stop at a museum or go for a swim – you can make the journey into a holiday in itself.

  • Car bingo is fun and keeps the children occupied during the drive. By playing the game and looking out the window, they may even avoid getting car sick.

  • Podcasts are a good alternative to screens, and children can listen while looking at the scenery. 

  • Keep a bag available in case of car sickness. And plan for toilet stops before it's too late!

  • All over the country, you'll find playgrounds at every elementary school, which everyone is free to use during holidays when schools are closed.

  • Don't plan too much! One activity a day is enough.

  • Choose a base where you can stay for a longer time. You'll save yourself a lot of stress and packing!

  • Travelling by train? Some long distance trains have family-friendly carriages and playrooms. You can also book a space for your stroller on most journeys.

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