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Meet the Norwegian moose

The lush Norwegian forests are home to many animals, and the moose is the largest of them all. Find out where you can go on a moose safari or which animal parks to visit to get a kiss from the king of the forest.

Have you ever been to “moose country”, or seen one of the world’s largest moose sculptures? You can do both in Norway!

It’s safe to say that the king of the forest is a special part of our wildlife. Chances are you'll find several items with a moose on them if you visit a tourist shop. And if you embark on a road trip that takes you through the municipality Stor-Elvdal, you'll get to see one of the world’s largest moose statues.

The silver moose stands in the Bjørå rest area along the road Riksvei 3, about 110 kilometres north of the city Elverum in Eastern Norway. It was built to wake up sleepy drivers and draw attention to the moose living in the area.

The message that Storelgen sends is important to remember whenever you’re driving through areas with lots of moose. Keep an eye out for them, because they haven’t learned to use road crossings yet.

Moose roam freely in several Norwegian forests, and over the years, they have found their favourite hang-out spots. This makes it easier to find them, and when you do: Remember to keep a safe distance. If you want to get close enough to pet them, you should visit one of the animal parks that have tame moose.

These are the best ways to get a memorable moose encounter:

Join a guided moose safari

On a safari, local guides help you navigate the vast forests and increase your chances of seeing moose in their natural habitat. They also know how to behave in nature and they will make sure you’re observing the animals from a safe distance.

Spot moose under the northern lights in Vesterålen, in the twilight from an electric bike, or kiss a moose at Svartisen Moose in Salten.

Get more information about moose safari or check out the map further down to see where in Norway they are located.

Get close to the moose in animal parks

In several animal parks in Norway, you can meet moose up close. In Bygland in the Setesdal valley, you can stop by the moose park Elgtun, which is a park dedicated to friendly encounters with moose. In Bjørneparken in the Hallingdal valley, just a couple of hours from Oslo, you get to kiss the tame moose and feed them carrots. The nature park Langedrag, also in Hallingdal, is home to several moose (and lots of other animals).

Other nature parks with moose are the Norwegian moose centre in Stor-Elvdal, Dyreparken Zoo and Amusement Park in Kristiansand, the wildlife park Namsskogan familiepark in Namdalen, and Polar Park in Bardu.

Stay in a 12 meter high accomodation tower

Experience the moose tower in Espedalen, and get a spectacular nature experience out of the ordinary! The high tower, which rises 12 meters above the ground, has beds for six people, and large windows that ensure that you get close to nature and wildlife.

Visit Elgland (moose country)

Every spring and autumn, up to 700 moose move over a period of several weeks, between the lowlands west of Mjøsa and higher areas in Espedalen, Skåbu, and Murudalen west of the Gudbrandsdalen valley. In contrast to moose migrations in other parts of the world, the moose in Elgland migrate to spend the winter at altitude, before strolling back down in the spring.

The moving moose spread out over both time and area, but follow exactly the same routes as their ancestors did. For 10,000 years the animals have faithfully followed this migration route, and thus continue to do so.

Bonus: the taste of the wild

At a road crossing in Elverum, you’ll stumble across Norway’s most famous moose restaurant. Elgstua has been serving delicious homemade food since 1959. Besides variations of moose, you’ll find plenty of other lovely food on the menu. You can also have a taste of moose in several other Norwegian restaurants, especially in areas where they are plentiful – and the flavours of the wild are delicacies.

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