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Steep mountains, fabulous national parks, and thundering waterfalls.

Fjords, fishing villages, glaciers, and a vibrant cultural life in one of Norway’s fastest-growing cities.

Spectacular Salten stretches from Helgeland in the south to Ofoten in the north.

The main city is Northern Norway’s mini metropole Bodø, which is getting ready to be the European Capital of Culture in 2024.

Bodø is both Salten’s urban hub and a natural starting point to explore the rest of the region.

Check out the locals’ tips for a long weekend in Bodø, or use the city as a base for excursions.

Make the most of highlights like Kulturkvartalet Stormen, a cultural centre with a library and a concert hall, and the heavenly confectionery Craig Alibone. The idyllic Kjerringøy trading post and the world's strongest maelstrom Saltstraumen are also within easy reach.

The fishing possibilities in Saltstraumen are legendary, and in the summer you can fish all night thanks to the midnight sun.

Once you have crossed the nature experiences close to the city off your list, it’s time to explore the rest of Salten.

Perhaps you are familiar with the writer Knut Hamsun, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920? He lived in this area for many years. The surrounding landscapes inspired several of his novels, including “Pan”, “Wayfarers” and “The growth of the soil”.

At The Hamsun Centre in Hamarøy, you get a good look into the author’s life as well as wonderful views of the area known as the Realm of Hamsun.

About 20 minutes away you can treat yourself to an overnight stay in a lighthouse.

At Tranøy lighthouse, you have an undisturbed view of the Vestfjord and the craggy mountains in Lofoten. The sound of crashing waves is the only lullaby you need!

North of Bodø you’ll also find Steigen, an area with spectacular peaks and idyllic sandy beaches such as Bøsanden and Brennviksanden.

Relax by the coast, hike in the mountains, explore the cultural landscape on the historic island of Engeløya, go grouse hunting …

… and spend the night in one of Norway’s most unique holiday lodgings.

In 2016, the modern sea cabins at Manshausen received four awards during the A+ Awards, also known as the Oscars of architecture.

There are several other unusual accommodation options nearby, including the boutique hotel Villa Haugen and Naustholmen, where the adventurer, author and paddle queen Randi Skaug lives.

Enjoy fishing and boat trips, sauna visits, fresh seafood – and extremely relaxed shoulders!

On an excursion in Salten’s national parks, you’re also guaranteed a welcome break from the digital buzz of everyday life.

Rago in Sørfold (pictured) offers real wilderness, while Láhko and Junkerdal are top tips if you’re up for a fishing trip to a lake or river. Sjunkhatten has several hiking trails and barbeque spots and is ideal for families with children.

In the national park Saltfjellet-Svartisen, you can join a glacier hike on northern Scandinavia’s largest glacier Svartisen.

Close by, you can visit one of the world's finest public toilets. Seriously!

Many people come to Salten by car, and the last part of the Scenic Route Kystriksveien goes through the region. Ureddplassen in Gildeskål makes a great stop if nature is calling, but also if you want pictures of grand views.

If you come from the south and drive along the E6 across Saltfjellet towards Fauske or the skiing paradise Sulitjelma, crossing the Arctic Circle is definitely a highlight. Maybe you’ll get to see the northern lights?

Another tip is to stop at Nordland National Park Center in Saltdal. It is also the starting point for a visit to the unique nature reserve Junkerdalsura.

You can also feel the power of the roaring waterfall Ingeborgfossen, or challenge your fishing luck in the Saltdalselva river.

If you’re interested in river fishing, you really must check out Beiarelva. Located in Beiarn west of Saltdal, it is one of Norway’s top salmon fishing rivers.

If sea fishing is more your style, you have every chance to give it a go along the coast of Salten. Visit in winter, and you might get a skrei (migrating cod) on the hook!

"I want to move here!"

You can! At least for a few nights.

The Arctic Hideaway on the small island of Fleinvær is just one of several wonderful places you can wake up in while exploring Salten’s diverse coastline.

People in this area have always lived by the sea. Check out the municipalities of Gildeskål, Meløy, and Rødøy, which are all magical places to go island hopping.

Here in the southern part of Salten, it is easy to get to fishing villages and island gems such as Støtt (pictured), Bolga and Sør-Arnøy by speedboat from Bodø and other places along the coast.

Boat trips also make an affordable sightseeing option.

Salten is fantastic all year round, so you just have to decide what you want to experience.

Plan your trip to Salten,
or check out these tips for a long weekend in Bodø for more inspiration.

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