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Bodø Bodø
Photo: Ernst Furuhatt/ www.nordnorge.com / Bodø

A starting point to the true north

If you take the railroad as far north as it goes, you get to Bodø. For some it is a jumping-off point on the way to the Lofoten islands, but the home of the world’s strongest tidal current is well worth a longer stay.

Here activities under the northern lights are right on your doorstep. Enjoy your beer or a glass of Chablis outdoors on the quayside, as sea eagles sail across the horizon. Stamp your feet to a hard-hitting rock concert in the city park or go shopping in the city’s modern malls or small specialist shops.

Bodø is situated on a peninsula on a stretch of coastline in Northern Norway, offering a varied assortment of adventures. Here you can go kayaking under the midnight sun, take a tour on a fast passenger boat through the impressive archipelago or fish in the world’s strongest tidal current, Saltstraumen. In Kjærringøy, you can experience Norway’s best-preserved seaside trading post, strongly evocative of the late 19th century, and enjoy the gentle island pace as well as beautiful beaches. 

Bodø is home to around 50.000 people and one of the fastest growing cities in the country, offering a lively urban scene. For those interested in art and crafts, Bodø has a diverse community of local artists, glass blowers, potters and jewelry makers. The city also has a developed music community, which has produced and continues to discover new talents on local, national and international stages. In the month of August, Bodø hosts two large music festivals, “Parkenfestivalen” and “Nordland Musikkfestuke” – both attracting thousands of people.

Still, as Lonely Planet suggests, the city's main charm lies in its backdrop of distant rugged peaks and vast skies. Bodø has the densest population of white-tailed sea eagles in the world, which is also why the city often is referred to as the Sea Eagle Capital.

Sea Eagle safari
Ole Jørgen Liodden / Naturfokus / www.nordnorge.com / Bodø
Bjørn Erik Olsen / www.nordnorge.com / Bodø
Tommy Andreassen / www.nordnorge.com / Bodø
Northern lights over Landegode
Kent Even Grundstad / www.nordnorge.com / Bodø

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