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Viewpoint at Ureddplassen

The Uredd Memorial rest area is one of the Nordland coast’s very best places from which to observe both the archipelago and the midnight sun. Ureddplassen is a point of interest along the National Scenic Road Helgelandskysten.

The rest area offers visitors a magnificent view towards the open ocean, as well as toward Fugleøya Island and including the Lofoten Islands, which are all visible in the distance on a clear day.

During the darker winter months, there is hardly a nicer place from which to observe the Northern Lights as they dance across the northern skies.

At the Uredd Memorial rest area, there is a sculpture of a swordfish as a monument commemorating World War II. On the monument, visitors can read the names of all those who perished on board the Norwegian submarine, KNM Uredd (Uredd means fearless).

In February 1943, the submarine Uredd was on a mission  to set ashore some agents from Norwegian Independent Company 1 in Bodø. The agents were planning to sabotage the power supply for the Sulitjelma Gruber mining facility. The submarine had been informed by British Intelligence that the Fugløy Fjord was not mined, which was incorrect. Uredd struck a German mine and all on board perished. The submarine was found resting on the sea bottom southwest of the Fugløy Islands, which are visible from the Uredd Memorial rest area, at a depth of 105 metres in 1985, with the aid of a submersible. Researchers were able to ascertain that it had been catastrophically damaged by a mine that exploded near the engine room. Uredd is the only Norwegian submarine that has ever been lost during wartime.

In 2018 the reststop Ureddplassen was  upgraded as part of the National Scenic Route project. The restroom has been named "the world's finest outdoor toilet" by British press.  

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Viewpoint at Ureddplassen

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