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Things to do

Find more activities and attractions in the Elverum and Kongsvinger region

Where to stay

From luxurious hotels to cosy cabins – find the perfect accommodation in Elverum and Kongsvinger.

Food and drink

From traditional to modern – enjoy the culinary flavours of Elverum and Kongsvinger.

Travel information

You can find more detailed travel information on the official websites for Visit Øst-Norge and the Kongsvinger region
Plan your trip to Elverum and Kongsvinger with Entur.

Towards sustainability

The certification Sustainable Destination is a label given to destinations that work systematically to reduce the negative impacts of tourism. In addition to providing visitors with enjoyable experiences, the destination must strive to minimise its impact on local nature, culture and the environment, and support the local community and economy. The municipality and the travel industry shall cooperate closely to assure that the destination is a great place in which to live as well as visit. 

Learn more about the Sustainable Destination label

Sustainable destination

The Elverum region, which includes Våler and Elverum, has achieved the certification Sustainable Destination.

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Elverum and Kongsvinger also offer …

Here, you can search for activities and accommodation throughout Elverum and Kongsvinger. Start planning today!

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