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The good life by the Oslofjord

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One of the most dramatic events in Norwegian history took place in this idyllic island.

The rumble of cannons. Loud explosions.

On April 9, 1940, they sank the German warship Blücher here in the Drøbak Sound.

Today, the fortress Oscarsborg is a symbol of Norway's freedom, full of fascinating things for families and history buffs to discover.

There is a year round ferry service to the island. This coastal gem is only a five-minute trip away from ...

... the town of Drøbak, where you can swim, visit galleries, shop, or relax on a lazy Sunday.

Stroll through narrow lanes lined with cozy, white wooden houses from the 1700s ...

... visit the Drøbak Akvarium, where you can meet the scary looking wolffish Hugo, among other things.

Wait a minute ... Does Santa Claus live in the summer town Drøbak?

At Tregaardens Julehus in Drøbak, it's Christmas 365 days a year. Letters from all over the world addressed to Santa Claus have ended up in the letterbox here for over 30 years. Don't forget to send your own letter from Drøbak with an official Santa stamp!

Am I dreaming? Am I still in Norway?

It's true, just 40 minutes south of Drøbak you'll find Hvitsten and this amazing place, the Havlystparken gardens, part of the cultural destination Ramme.

Walk in artist Edvard Munch's footsteps along the culture trail, visit an organic farm restaurant and shop, or see a concert in beautiful surroundings.

Ramme is a very unique place - why not stay the night at Ramme fjordhotell?

Right nearby, in Hvitsten, you'll also find a unique collection of 37 ship figureheads that adorned the famous shipping company Fred. Olsen's ships in the period 1938-1976.

Follo also offers several other coastal gems that are a must.

Visit the town of Son, with architecture from the so-called "Dutch era" and a lovely coastal small town atmosphere.

Here, you can visit quaint niche shops ...

... or hire a kayak and experience Follo's coastline.

Water sports and sea activities abound.

Nothing beats the taste of a delicious meal afterwards.

Enjoy a harbour-side meal in Son, or at the Sjøstjernen restaurant in Drøbak, which offers some of the best views in the Oslofjord.

Do you dare to taste one of the region's unique dishes: Drøbak sea urchin?

The best way to reach the coastal gems is to hop aboard a cozy boat cruise when the temperature starts to rise in the city.

During the summer, there are several boat routes going from Aker Brygge in Oslo all the way down to Oscarsborg fortress, Drøbak and Son.

10,500 square meters of pure wellness – pools, jacuzzis, saunas and steam baths, indoors and outdoors.

The Well, the biggest spa and spa hotel in the Nordic countries, in at Kolbotn, 15 minutes from downtown Oslo. Bathing suits are mandatory on Tuesdays - and optional during the rest of the week.

If you've brought the kids along, it might be more fun to ...

... take a detour to Ås and challenge each other in Norway's biggest amusement park TusenFryd!

Which family member is most chicken?

Check out the SpeedMonster, SpinSpider or the log flume Tømmerstupet ... the names alone are enough to make your stomach drop!

Another exciting activity is filling up your shopping bags with new clothes – and Oslo Fashion Outlet in Vestby is the place to go for the best deals.

With its 55 brand name shops and restaurants, the outlet is the biggest in Norway.

So bring along the whole family and enjoy the good life in Follo.

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