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Tregaardens Christmas House

Did you know that all mail addressed to Santa Claus, Norway ends up in Drøbak?

Did you know that all mail addressed to Santa Claus, Norway ends up in Drøbak? Letters to Babbo Natale, Hoteiosho, Papai Noel, Viejo Pascuero, Dun Che Lao Ren, Père Noël, Father Christmas, Weihnachtsmann or Pai Natal, wishing for anything from material gifts to a better world – all find their way to this tiny cozy little village, only 30 minutes south of Oslo. 

In January 1988, Eva and Willy Johansen opened Tregaardens Christmas house, located on the main square of Drøbak. The media was rife with news about this great new building devoted to spark the Christmas spirit all year around.

Today it´s open year around and you can find all kinds of Christmas decorations, some also designed by Eva her self. 

In this yellow wooden house you also find Santa’s Post Office, over the years the norwegian Santa Claushas received approximately 500 000 letters to his address, 1440 Drøbak.

Here, both young and old get the opportunity to post their own Christmas letter, stamped with an official Santa Claus mark. 

”Christmas is not a trend, it is a tradition” says Eva Johansen. Throughout the years, she has maintained the job opening, reading and answering letters.

In walking distance from the square, you find Drøbak’s harbor where you can snap a picture in front of the famous Santa Sign outside the Tourist Office.

Drøbak is also a great place to go christmas shopping, eat traditional norwegian christmas food or just wander around through the cozy streets with characteristic wooden houses. 

The little town of Drøbak offers a Christmas atmosphere all year round, but embraces the spirit full on as the season builds up towards the holidays. 

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Tregaardens Christmas House

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