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Charming seaside destinations

along the Oslofjord

Swimming in refreshing waters, strolling through towns and eating tasty treats. Oh, what a beautiful day!

Around the Oslofjord in Eastern Norway, you’ll find one idyllic coastal town or village after the other. And it doesn’t have to be summer for you to visit.



Cosy Vollen offers fun coastal vibes for the entire family.

The town is an old trading post, with lots of shops, galleries, cafés and eateries, as well as a guest harbour.

Visit the Oslofjord museum in the Maudbukta bay, where you’ll find exhibitions, a collection of wooden boats and activities for the kids.

Nearby, you’ll also find the Fritznerstranden beach, one of the Norwegian beaches that have received the Blue Flag certification.

Filtvet and Tofte

The Hurumlandet peninsula in Asker

Palm trees and a sandy beach. Mediterranean food. A lighthouse filled with art.

At Villa Malla in Filtvet, pure summer vibes await. Jump on a ferry from Oslo and see for yourself!

Further south on the peninsula lies the town Tofte. Here you can pop by local shops or explore the beaches along the coastal path or in the nature reserve.


The Hurumlandet peninsula in Asker

One – two – three – splash!

Lovely Holmsbu offers plenty of bathing spots and a bathing hotel. And yes, you can jump into the ocean all year long. The floating sauna KOK makes it easy to get warm after a refreshing dip, even in winter!

Lots of artists have been inspired by this place and its beautiful surroundings as well. Complete your visit with a trip to a gallery and a meal at one of the restaurants.

From Holmsbu, consider visiting …

… the nearby village Rødtangen, with shallow beaches and a beautiful coastal path.


Horten in Vestfold

Walk in the footsteps of Edvard Munch!

In Åsgårdstrand you can pose for an Instagram photo on the bridge from Munch’s famous artwork The girls on the bridge, one of several paintings he was inspired to create here. You can even visit his former summer house.

This white-painted coastal town still appeals to artisans, so there are always exciting exhibitions going on.

And maybe you’ll treat yourself to a delicious dinner and a stay at the Grand Hotel while you’re here?



Travel to the end of the world!

In Tjøme, the outermost point of the Oslofjord, you’ll find a famous tipping lantern, smooth coastal rocks, and idyllic spots like Sandøysund at Hvasser.

Remember to bring sunscreen, as Tjøme is one of the places along the coast that has the most sun days in a year.

One of Norway’s most beautiful paddling routes runs through this area, too.

Island hopping in the Hvaler archipelago


In the south-eastern part of the Oslofjord, just south of Fredrikstad, you can go island hopping in an archipelago with more than 500 islands and islets.

The Hvalerfergene ferries easily take you from one island to the other, and many of them are car-free. On your trip, you can go for a swim, stroll through the beautiful cultural landscape, visit potholes, and meet cute alpacas.



A paddling session followed by ice cream? Yes, please!

In Son, a relaxing atmosphere meets years of history.

Go for a walk between the wooden houses dating back to the period between the late 1500s and the mid-1700s, which the natives call “Hollendertiden”. Your stroll will take you to the harbour eventually, where you can round off your day with dinner.

Feel like spoiling yourself? Check in to Son Spa, one of Norway’s most exclusive hotels, located right by the ocean.



Wait. What? Christmas decorations in the middle of summer?

That’s right! In the Christmas shop Tregaardens Julehus in Drøbak, the jolly season never ends.

Other highlights include shrimps on the dock, galleries, old wooden houses, and the only saltwater aquarium along the Oslofjord.

Last but not least, you can’t visit this area and not take the ferry to …

… Oscarsborg, one of Norway’s old fortresses.

You’ll get to hear about the battle that sunk the German warship Blücher during the Second World War, and the kids can take part in a guided tour of the tunnels underneath the castle.

Throughout the year there are concerts in the courtyard.

Enjoy lunch or dinner at the cosy restaurant or spend a night at the fortress’ own hotel! In summer, you can take a ferry to Oscarsborg all the way from Oslo.



From Drøbak, the trip isn’t long to the calm and serene atmosphere of the Oslo Region’s most enchanting park, Havlystparken at the culture destination Ramme gård outside of Hvitsten.

Since the 1800s, this village has been a popular destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Here, you’ll find sandy beaches, smooth rocks perfect for sunbathing, and more than 30 figureheads placed around town!

Eager to explore more of the Norwegian coastline?

Get ideas for island hopping along the Helgeland coast (photo) or check out other charming seaside towns in the southern part of the country.

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