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The world’s wildest and most wonderful


Stroll along  the soft sands in Jæren, in the Stavanger region.

You can walk for hours. And hours.

Norwegian beaches are not just for sunbathing ...

... they also soothe the soul.

Climb a mountain, and enjoy a bird's eye view of the white sands and turquoise waters of Fjord Norway ...

... before heading back down and sinking your toes into the powdery sand by the sea. 

Or venture out to find your very own secluded beach cove in Northern Norway.

Rent a kayak and a guide to get to the best spots!

In Trøndelag, bring your friends along to one of the world’s best beach bars at Stokkøya ...

... or take the family along to one of the many sandy retreats in Southern Norway.

A summer paradise!

This is where summer temperatures can reach more than 20 degrees Celsius …

... while Fjord Norway and Northern Norway's beaches are ranked as some of the most pristine and beautiful in the world.

Remember to pack a warm sweater along with your bathing suit, just in case.

Or slip into a wetsuit!

Many Norwegian beaches are renowned among surfers. The waves are even better in winter!

Splash through the waves on horseback.

But you don't have to venture into the wild to have a refreshing visit to the beach in Norway.

Many Norwegian cities, including Oslo, have beautiful (and vibrant) urban beaches. 

In fact, Bystranda, an urban beach in Kristiansand, was the first Norwegian beach to receive the strict eco-label Blue Flag certification.

There are now 20 Blue Flag beaches in Norway. 

Bring along some local delicacies for the perfect beach picnic. Remember to dress warmly – the beach is open year round!

That is, 24 hours a day under the midnight sun in summer …

... and all through the long winter night.

The beach is the perfect place to catch the northern lights.

There are also many lakes that have very nice beaches, even in the mountains! 

The sauna boom has also made ice bathing a hot new trend (pardon the pun).

You can even bring your own sauna to the lake of your choice.

With the world's second longest coastline, and thousands of islands, lakes, and rivers, there is always a beach to enjoy.

Let’s go!

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