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11 reasons to visit
the beach paradise of Jæren

Are you looking for some of Norway's longest white beaches, tasty food from both fjord and field, and fun outdoor activities?

Then the Jæren area in the Stavanger region is definitely the place to visit. The landscape is unique with its large flatland areas and dramatic coast, and there are plenty of historic sites to explore.

Check out its unmissable attractions.

1. Dreamy beaches

Plan for a fun day at one of the many Jæren beaches!

Jæren is home to 25 kilometres of long, sandy beaches, which means you have plenty of space for family fun or a romantic day out.

By the way, the beaches are also an excellent place to go birdwatching!

You can read more about the beaches below.

2. Thrilling kitesurfing

We can't mention the beaches without letting you know that this is also one of Norway's best areas for kitesurfing.

The Sola beach is particularly popular for water sports. Here, you can go straight from Stavanger airport and hit the waves!

3. Catch a wave

Waves and wind = perfect surfing. Here, you'll find both sheltered beaches for beginners, and more demanding spots for more advanced surfers.

Regardless of your skill level, Jæren is an ideal place to surf! The area even hosted the European Surf Championships in both 2017 and 2018.

Brand new in the game? You can also take surfing courses at Jæren!

4. Stay by the beach

Combine fun beach activities with luxury accommodation! The Sola Strand Hotel is located by the dunes beside Sola beach, and is home to both a first-class restaurant and a relaxing spa.

If you want to wake up to a panoramic view of the North Sea, this is the ideal place.

The hotel not only has a unique location by the beach, it's also very easy to get to – only two kilometres from the airport.

5. Idyllic cycling routes

Let's go from one adventure to the next!

The 140 kilometre Jærruta bicycle route provides an incredible ride through the beautiful landscape of Jæren with its large fields, characteristic stone walls, and ocean views – in other words, it's packed with treats!

Check out Discover Norway for bike rentals and tour options in the area.

Travelling with the whole family?

You'll also find bike tours with shorter stages, which can be combined with other activities along the route.

It's also possible to rent electric bikes that you can collect at several hotels in the area.

6. Drive the Scenic Route

Travelling by car? Drive the 41-kilometre-long Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren, from Bore to Ogna, through the flat and well-kept cultural landscape!

This Scenic Route is unique, as the coastal landscape is unlike anything you'll find in other parts of the country.

If you want to explore even more of the area, you should drive some of the country roads, and, of course, make some stops along the way.

Check out these roundtrip options in the region.

7. Hike the King's Road

Do you want to walk on the same trails that people before you took thousands of years ago? Then you should definitely hike the historic King's Road.

You can start and finish your hike at different locations, and you'll find plenty of attractions along the way.

Popular routes include:

Hå Gamle Prestegard - Obrestad harbour

Obrestad harbour - Grødalandstunet

Grødalandstunet - Varhaug cemetery

If you start walking from Hå Gamle Prestegard, remember to plan for a visit there first!

8. Get artsy

The art and culture centre Hå Gamle Prestegard, a former vicarage, is a must-visit while at Jæren.

The centre is housed in traditional, listed buildings and showcases contemporary art by national and international artists, all exhibited by the stunning coastline.

While here, you should also visit the café with local treats on the menu.

Hå Gamle Prestegard serves some fantastic lapper, traditional Norwegian pancakes. Try the recipe at home!

9. Stay in a lighthouse

About 1 kilometre from the art centre at Hå, you'll find Obrestad fyr – one of Norway's many lighthouses.

What's really cool about this one is that you can actually spend the night there! If you visit on windy days, you can really get a dramatic close-up of the forces of nature.

10. Tasty local food

The food in the Jæren region is known for serving up the best from the sea and the field. The mild coastal climate makes it possible to harvest and create a wide range of incredible flavours.

Award-winning cheeses, some of Norway's sweetest tomatoes, and fresh seafood. What do you want to taste first?

In addition to the restaurant at Sola Strand Hotel and the café at Hå Gamle Prestegard, you should definitely plan to dine at Strandhuset at Ølberg.

Here, you can enjoy an amazing buffet each Sunday! Its location by Ølbergstranden beach is, of course, fantastic too.

Explore more places to eat in the region, with tips from a local expert.

11. Get there with a view

Make your journey a part of the adventure! With the Jæren Railway you can easily travel from Stavanger, the largest city in the area, down the coast to Egersund in Jæren.

The ride lasts about an hour and takes you along the rugged coastline, through wide horizons and open skies – a short, but sweet train journey!

If you travel from the capital Oslo, you can take the Sørlandet Line all the way from Eastern Norway to Fjord Norway, an eight-hour-trip through a varied and idyllic landscape.

It's one of the world's most beautiful train journeys, and passes many family-friendly destinations on the way.

Explore the Jæren beaches

Large and lively or small and private? You will have no problem finding the perfect beach at Jæren.

Ognastranden: Easily accessible by car or train. If you take the Jæren Railway, the train station is about 15 minutes from the beach. If you are travelling by car, the North Sea Road goes right through Ogna. At the beach, you'll find you'll find both a campsite with a kiosk, accessible walking paths, and several wonderful hiking trails.

Brusandstranden: This beach is connected to Ogna beach and has its own campsite with space for both motorhomes and caravans. This is a fine spot for both swimming, surfing, and fishing. You'll also find Hitlertennene ('Hitler's teeth'), a series of Nazi stone block fortifications dating from the Second World War.

Nærlandstranden and Refsnesstranden beaches are close to the Obrestad lighthouse and the Scenic Route Jæren. Refsnesstranden beach is very accessible, with paths from the carpark down to the beach, and you'll also find showers nearby.

Orrestranden is another stop along the Scenic Route, located at Klepp. Here, you'll find good parking and toilet facilities, and it's also possible to buy food and drinks at the information centre at Orre Friluftshus. This beach has also been awarded prestigious Blue Flag certification.

Borestranden is a popular spot for surfers and is located along the Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren. Here you can learn to surf, take a beginner's class in kitesurfing and spend the night near the beach. In summer, you can also rent surfing equipment and buy refreshments at the kiosk. You'll find showers and toilets near the carpark.

Hellestøstranden is a universally accessible recreational area at Sola and is the perfect place for sun-seeking people during summer. It's also the site of an annual kite festival and a popular surfing spot.

Ølbergstranden is a little sandy beach offering pleasant swimming and sunbathing during summer. It's also a great place to hike year round. Some also claim you get the very best soft serve ice cream in the area right here, at Ølbergkiosken. The beach is located southwest of Stavanger airport and near Ølberg harbour.

Vigdelstranden is a smaller beach a short distance from Ølberg. There is a path leading to the beach and toilets in the area.

Solastranden beach is shallow and therefore popular with kiters and surfers. At the north end of the beach, you'll find the Sola Strand Hotel and a golf course. The beach is also close to Stavanger airport.

Regestranden is the neighbouring beach to Solastranden. There is a large carpark and you can also spot street art in the area.

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