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The best stops on the
Sørlandet Line

All aboard!

From Norway's bustling capital, Oslo, through the valleys of Telemark, down to the beautiful southern coast, and further west to Stavanger in Fjord Norway – this 8-hour train journey is packed with treats.

With a few stops, you can make the trip a whole train holiday – no car required.

The journey is also perfect if you're travelling with children, with many family-friendly adventures close to the stations.

Let's go!

Let the journey begin

We board the train at Oslo Central Station.

Sit back and relax as the train takes you west, through Asker, Bærum and Drammen.

Didn't bring your own coffee? No worries! Step by the café car for something good to drink.

Within the next hour, you'll arrive at Kongsberg.

Kongsberg is a historic mining town well worth exploring. A fifteen-minute walk from the train station, you'll find the Lågdal Museum, a family-friendly destination that showcases local history and traditions. 

In summer, you can say hello to all the traditional farm animals in the fields – perfect if travelling with small children.

From Kongsberg, the Sørlandet Line continues through Telemark county, a part of Norway known for its varied nature and warm summer climate.

The train winds its way through large forests, and between mountains and green hills, before stopping at idyllic Bø, which offers plenty of experiences for nature lovers, as well as family fun!

It's just a short drive from the station to the largest water park in Scandinavia, Bø Sommarland! Take a taxi or local bus straight from the station for a fun water adventure.

Travelling with a special someone?

From the train station in Bø, you can also take a bus or taxi to the Fruit Village, Gvarv. Here, you can spend a romantic night in a wine barrel at Lerkekaasa Vineyard.

Back on the Sørlandet Line, the next station on the line is Lunde.

From Lunde, you can glide through the beautiful Telemark Canal, where there are several boat trips and roundtrips to choose from.

Afterwards, get back on the train!

A few stops later, you'll arrive in Southern Norway and Nelaug Station.

From Nelaug, you can switch trains and take the Arendalsbanen Line, a branch line that takes you to the idyllic coastal city of Arendal.

But, don't miss the rest of the Sørlandet Line!

Vennesla is up next. Here, you should definitely visit the town's library and culture hall, which has won prizes for its extraordinary wood architecture.

Fantastic, don't you think?

Now, enjoy the view before the train takes you to one of the key stops along the Sørlandet Line, the summer capital of Norway, Kristiansand.

Kristiansand is the biggest city in Southern Norway, and is packed with family fun and adventures, including fantastic swimming spots, fun museums, and delicious seafood.

You should definitely plan on spending a few days here!

Kristiansand Zoo and amusement park, Dyreparken, is a must if you're travelling with children.

The Badelandet water park is right next door – so plan for a full day of fun!

Kilden Performing Arts Center is an architectural landmark in Kristiansand, and also well worth a visit.

Experience theatre, music, opera, dance and ballet, and enjoy the view of the fantastic architecture that has gained international acclaim.

Kristiansand has one of Northern Europe's biggest collections of charming, old, white wooden houses, in a neighbourhood called Posebyen. This is the perfect place for a stroll. On Saturdays during summer, you can visit local markets here.

Experience Kristiansand

Now, you are ready to head west with Sørtoget, as the journey along the Sørlandet Line is known. Get cosy with a book, or get some work done.

The train takes you from Kristiansand to Sira in about an hour and a half. In the meantime, how about a snack from the café?

At Sira Station, you can take the bus to the beautiful coastal town of Flekkefjord, located midway between Kristiansand and Stavanger at the mouth of the Lafjorden fjord.

You'll find plenty to explore in the cosy town centre. Check out picturesque Hollenderbyen, The Dutch Quarter – a small neighbourhood with old, white, wooden houses. Here, you'll also find fantastic street art by Norwegian and international artists.

If you're looking for an adventure for the whole family, try rail biking on the old Flekkefjord Line. The trip takes you through beautiful nature, as well as several tunnels!

Trips on the tracks are available every day during summer.

Back on the Sørlandet Line, get ready for 45 minutes of winding tracks as the train takes you further west and back to the coastline, towards the town of Egersund.

Egersund is a charming town with cosy, wooden houses, and lots of nature experiences, perfect for those looking for an excellent combination of coast, town, forest, and mountains!

While in the area, you should hike to the spectacular rock formation Trollpikken, located just outside of town.

Egersund Taxi offers a fixed-rate service from the train station to the car park by Trollpikken.

At Egersund Tourist Information, you can rent a bike and cycle the idyllic Nordsjøveien, a coastal trail between Egersund and Hellvik.

If you want, you can switch trains in Egersund to the Jærbanen branch line, which takes you to Stavanger.

The Jærbanen Line stops at the train stations Ogna and Brusand, close to the beautiful Jærstrendene beaches.

Ready for the grand finale?

Welcome to Stavanger!

One hour and ten minutes later, you will arrive at the end station:

Stavanger – a city of colourful streets, cool art, and beautiful nature.

Or maybe Stavanger is your starting point? In any case...

Enjoy your journey!

About the Sørlandet Line

The train journey from Oslo in Eastern Norway to Stavanger in Fjord Norway takes about eight hours. The train passes through a varied landscape, consisting of large forest areas, mountains, coast, and idyllic Southern Norwegian nature to the dramatic western coast of Fjord Norway. The Sørlandet Line runs on the Sørlandsbanen Railway, a line that stretches from Drammen to Stavanger.

Here are the main tourist stops along the Sørlandsbanen Railway:

The train, Sørtoget, connects to the Arendalsbanen Line, which runs between Nelaug and Arendal. The branch line, the Jæren Line, also runs on the Sørlandsbanen Railway, but only runs between Egersund and Stavanger.

The nigh train from Oslo to Stavanger is also an option. If you want your own sleeping compartment, you should book early, as these sell out quickly. Get more excellent train travel tips from a train expert.

Get ready! Here's everything you need to know about the Sørlandet Line:

Travel by train

Explore destinations along the Sørlandet Line. No car required!

Take advantage of top offers

Long-distance trains take you to almost every corner of Norway.

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