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About the Sørlandet Line

The train journey from Oslo in Eastern Norway to Stavanger in Fjord Norway takes about eight hours. The train passes through a varied landscape, consisting of large forest areas, mountains, coast, and idyllic Southern Norwegian nature to the dramatic western coast of Fjord Norway. The Sørlandet Line runs on the Sørlandsbanen Railway, a line that stretches from Drammen to Stavanger.

Here are the main tourist stops along the Sørlandsbanen Railway:

The train, Sørtoget, connects to the Arendalsbanen Line, which runs between Nelaug and Arendal. The branch line, the Jæren Line, also runs on the Sørlandsbanen Railway, but only runs between Egersund and Stavanger.

The nigh train from Oslo to Stavanger is also an option. If you want your own sleeping compartment, you should book early, as these sell out quickly. Get more excellent train travel tips from a train expert.

Get ready! Here's everything you need to know about the Sørlandet Line:

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