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Impress you sweetheart? Propose? Get married? Or simply rekindle your relationship and spend time together, just the two of you…? These romantic places and experiences are a perfect escape for couples.

1. Hot spots

Norway is full of dreamy locations, whether you're looking for relaxing days in Southern Norway, action and adventure in Eastern Norway, cosiness and tasty food in the Trøndelag region, or wild nature experiences in Northern Norway. Explore Norway's hot spots with that special someone. You're up for unforgettable adventures!

2. City break for two

Want to impress your date? Plan a romantic city break for two! Fantastic restaurants, exciting museums, and dreamy view points – you'll have so many options, and so many amazing experiences to share! Don't worry about the planning — we have gathered lots of insider-tips that are guaranteed to thrill your date:

3. Beach love

We might not have the warmest beaches, but you can make it hot! Surprise your date with a picnic on one of our long, picture-perfect, white beaches, or have a more private, intimate day at a small private beach. With one of the longest coastlines in the world, you'll have endless opportunities to enjoy some love on the beach.

4. Romantic places to stay

Love is in the air... climb up and feel it! A night in an unforgettable treetop cabin is the perfect escape for love birds. Enjoy the nature and each other, all in privacy, surrounded by tranquil and stunning nature.

Norway has many unique places to stay. You can book everything from charming cabins to incredible lighthouses.

Or maybe you want to spoil your significant other with a romantic weekend full of luxury? Check in to one of Norway's most exclusive hotels!

5. Adrenaline kick

Get your heart racing (in more ways than one), with a fun zipline date – perfect for active couples and those looking for a bit of challenge! Remember, doing something slightly outside your comfort zone will create a special bond between the two of you. 

If you want to surprise your date with a fun, unique activity, why not take a guided walk with alpacas or join a moose safari

6. Romantic restaurants

Fill up on more than just love. Norway has plenty of amazing restaurants, perfect for romantic nights. If you want both first-class food and views, bring your date five meters below the surface to the incredible Under, the world's largest underwater restaurant. Or, indulge in an exclusive date night at one of Norway's Michelin-starred restaurants.

7. Natural romance

The northern lights, the midnight sun, the glittering fjords ... can you think of a more romantic background for your date? Nature's got you covered, all you need to do is bring your better half and enjoy the view. Although it might be a bit chilly up here in the north sometimes, that gives you a great excuse to snuggle up even tighter with your partner. 

8. Make it hot

Cultivate your warm feelings for each other! Book a private session in one of Norway's many cool new saunas. You will find ultra-modern saunas floating on fjords and lakes, with a beautiful view of the surroundings. This is also the perfect moment to impress your partner: Just try not to sound too frantic when you plunge into the — at times — VERY refreshing water! 

A relaxing spa weekend is always a good choice, too...!

9. Get married!

Taking the next step? Propose, or say "I do" in a historic stave church! Or, how about tying the knot in a magical ice cathedral? Find out more about how and where to marry in Norway.

In Norway, love is for everyone. Like its Nordic neighbours, most Norwegians have a liberal attitude towards LGBT people, which means you can safely enjoy a romantic holiday here no matter who your partner is.

Follow Sam and Stephanie on their love journey to the South Coast of Norway, and get some expert tips that can boost your own relationship.

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