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Are you ready to say "I do"?

Exchange vows in wow surroundings …

just like these couples in beautiful Hardanger.

Getting married in Norway

Find inspiration and discover everything you need to know to get married in Norway. The beautiful Norwegian landscape provides the perfect backdrop to your very special day.

Whether you'd like your wedding to be an exclusive experience with just the two of you, a few selected guests, or a lively celebration with lots of family and friends – Norway has many wonderful and unique locations for your dream wedding. Scroll down for inspiration.

There are certain formal procedures you must follow:

How to get married

Marriage is a human right without restrictions for race, nationality, or religion. You both must be over 18 years old and marry of your own free will.

The Norwegian marriage law is gender-neutral. This means that same-sex couples can get married in Norway.

Both Norwegian and foreign citizens must send a form to the Norwegian Tax Administration to ensure you meet the conditions for entering into a marriage. This is called a certificate of no impediment, prøvingsattest (see the link in the fact box).

Nordic residents and foreign citizens with a permanent residence permit in Norway follow the same procedures as Norwegian citizens. Other foreign citizens need to supply additional information. Read more here: Getting married in Norway when both parties are foreign citizens.

The ceremony must be conducted by an authorised solemnizer, whom you need to book in advance. Each municipality has an overview of local solemnizers. In Christian weddings, this is usually a minister and in civil weddings in rural locations, it's often the mayor. Remember to check if there are any fees for the solemnizer and the ceremony.

This information is a summary of information on the Norwegian Tax Administration's website, where you can read more about the road to marriage – step by step.

Where to get married

You can get married wherever you want as long as the two of you, a solemnizer, and two witnesses are physically present. The Church of Norway is an Evangelical Lutheran church. Here's a list of excellent locations for traditional white weddings, sporty outdoor weddings, and countryside weddings!

PS: Remember that the hotels mentioned below have limited capacity, so book early to secure the dates you desire.

1. Nature weddings

There are many places you can marry outdoors in Norwegian nature, like a beach, a lighthouse, or in the forest. If you are a sporty couple, take your wedding to new heights at the top of a mountain. In the airy landscape, you'll feel like you're flying!

Deep inside the fjord kingdom, you'll find one of Norway's most spectacular attractions – the rock formation Trolltunga in Ullensvang by the Hardangerfjord. Once a year, Ullensvang Municipality organises a day in which it holds wedding ceremonies on Trolltunga featuring violinists, where the mayor officiates.

You and your guests must be fit and have hiking experience, as the hike is 20 kilometres long (both ways) and is estimated to take 8-12 hours with 320 metres of elevation.

Tip:Trolltunga Active and Trolltunga Adventures offer accommodation at their comfortable mountain camp near Trolltunga. Learn more about getting married on Trolltunga here.

At April 13th in 2024, you can also exchange your vows 1349 meters above sea level, on Norway's first "ski in – married out", in Hemsedal. The church office in Hemsedal will arrange everything from music to witnesses if you want. The only thing you need to do is to book the ceremony before March 13th, decide how many (or few) guests you want to invite, and then sit back and wait for the big day. 

The ceremonies for 2024 are now fully booked, but stay tuned for new opportunities in 2025!

2. Historic weddings

Not keen on a long hike?

Find inspiration in one of the most famous paintings in Norwegian art history, Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord.

The church in the painting by Tidemand and Gude is inspired by the charming Ullensvang Church. The romantic Hotel Ullensvang can help you host the wedding, with a horse and carriage taking you along the fjord promenade from the church to the hotel.

You can also have the ceremony in the hotel garden by the fjord, or on one of the idyllic fjord islands, if you want to get the same scenery as in the famous painting.

Further north in Fjord Norway, beside the stunning Hjørundfjord lies the exclusive distinct fjord hotel, Hotel Union Øye. It's been housing mountaineers, royals, and lovers since 1891, with excellent food and service and fjord elegance. Have your wedding to this beautiful gem by the majestic Sunnmøre alps and the shimmering fjord. Book for a night or the whole weekend.

Discover exclusive and historic hotels, like the manor house Bårdshaug Herregård, and more:

3. White weddings

Dreaming of a white wedding? Enter a magical world built of snow and ice – perfect for winter weddings!

At Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta in Northern Norway, marriage ceremonies are held in the Ice Chapel – both Christian and civil ceremonies. The Ice Chapel is constructed every year from ice and snow and is designed and decorated with a special art theme chosen each year.

Just imagine, in Northern Norway you can get lucky and tie the knot under the northern lights!

Further north lies Snowhotel Kirkenes. Although it isn't a traditional wedding site, it is possible to book the entire snow hotel for weddings. The hotel can accommodate 40 overnight guests, and there's room for 40 more guests in its nearby cabins.

The southernmost snow hotel in Norway is Hunderfossen SnowhotelinLillehammer. Many couples have said "yes" inside this impressive ice cathedral! The hotel and ice bar are carved to look like trolls and fairytale creatures from Norwegian folk tradition.

The hotel is surrounded by a winter park with horses and carriages and fun snow activities for young and old – it's a magical winter adventure! The hotel is open in winter from late January to early March.

Read more about snow and ice hotels in Norway.

4. Church weddings

Stave churches are usually located in small, charming villages, and some of them still warmly open their church doors to weddings!

Norway is home to most of the world's remaining stave churches, decorated with wood carvings in a style handed down from the Vikings. Adoring couples have exchanged vows in these churches for hundreds of years.

You can marry in the 800 year old Eidsborg stave church in lush surroundings by West-Telemark Museum Eidsborg (pictured). You can rent a Norwegian bridal bunad, a traditional Norwegian costume, at the museum. Five kilometres from Eidsborg lies the famous Dalen Hotel, where you can hold your reception after the ceremony. Dalen Hotel has won many prizes, including being named one of the top historic luxury hotels in the world at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2022.

The original Gol stave church lies just 4 kilometres outside Norway's vibrant capital, Oslo. The beautiful stave church was built in Gol in the 1200s and moved to to the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History at Bygdøy in Oslo in 1884. You can book the church via the event venue Gjestestuene.

In 1994, a new version of Gol stave church was rebuilt at Gol and is today a wedding venue. You can also get married in Heddal stave church in Telemark, Norway's largest stave church! Those who don't live in the area must pay a fee for the ceremony and the minister.

Discover more about Norway's amazing stave churches.

5. Countryside weddings

Relax as you stroll across fields of gold. If you want to gather your whole family, a wedding in the countryside is just the ticket!

A manorial farm is a spacious and serene wedding venue. Boen farm in Kristiansand is idyllically located by the river and serves gourmet food.

You can also have your wedding at Hoel farm by Mjøsa lake, either outside in its historic garden (pictured) or in its venerable ballroom.

In Northern Norway, you can book the farm Til Elise near Mo i Rana, which is available for parties of 45 to 90 seated guests.

Good to know: The farms have romantic bridal suites in which to spend your first night as newlyweds!

These are just some examples, find more wonderful countryside locations for your wedding at rural luxury.

6. Civil weddings

A civil ceremony is a non-religious, legal marriage ceremony. In Oslo City Hall, you can get married in front of Munch's painting Life.

In order to marry here, you must book an appointment for your ceremony as early as one year in advance, or 2 weeks before at the latest.

The marriage ceremony is held in the Munch room, and you can bring a maximum of 30 guests. City Hall ensures that the room is decorated.

Find more information at Oslo Municipality*s website.

You can also get married in the city hall of other cities like Kristiansand, Trondheim and Tromsø, to name just a few.

It's all in the detail

Although you need to put some effort into planning a wedding, Norwegian hotels and venues take much pride in helping ensure your special day is truly unforgettable.

They can help put together the menu, and have expert local knowledge about everything flower decorations, musicians to horse and carriage and vintage car transport, wedding photographers, and more.

Remember that when choosing to marry outside, you can never predict the weather. Some say that rain on your wedding day means luck – so bring umbrellas and rain jackets, just in case.

We truly hope you have the wedding of your dreams in Norway! And remember, in Norway love is free. You can propose, kiss or marry whoever you want!

… and they lived happily ever after.

We hope to see you again for your honeymoon!

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