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7 romantic winter getaways

Heat up in a sauna, plan for a lovely dinner or go stargazing together! Winter in Norway offers adventurous days and dark nights. And idyllic getaways are waiting both in the big cities and on hidden islands. Find out where to travel for those romantic vibes.

Odd Roar Lange has explored many of these destinations during his journeys all over Norway. He is a widely travelled journalist and the founder of The Travel Inspector, one of the most popular blogs of its kind in the Nordic countries.

Lange has picked seven captivating winter getaways in Norway. This is your ticket to some special moments that you and your partner will be talking about for years to come.

Keep each other warm in Kirkenes

If you're looking for romance, there’s no better place to kindle it than at the snow hotel in Kirkenes. The core of this hotel is snow and ice, elements that are an important part of everyday life for the locals in Finnmark.

Even though the temperature inside is only -4 degrees Celsius, the comfy beds with reindeer hides will keep you and your partner warm.

"Here, you can go dog sledding during the day, enjoy some time in the sauna before dinner at Gabba Restaurant, and end the day by marvelling at the northern lights," says Lange.

Heat it up in Oslo

Top-class restaurants, cosy streets, and snowy nature just a short distance away. Oslo has a lot to offer in winter. And if you really want to warm things up with your partner, book your own sauna for the evening at SALT and take part in a ritual that is deeply rooted in the Nordic lifestyle.

SALT is a nomadic art project currently situated along Oslo’s harbour promenade and overlooking the capital’s Opera House. In addition to a private sauna experience, SALT offers fresh food, concerts, and festivals.

“It is simply a romantic experience in the middle of Oslo,” promises Lange.

Stargaze in Trysil

Escape your everyday life and walk hand-in-hand into the cold, dark wilderness in Trysil. Here, not far from the village and your wooden cabin, you can experience a starry sky that is so bright, it lights up the snow under your feet. Romantic, right?

This scenic holiday spot close to the Swedish border is known for its clear skies, and stargazing tours are available here.

“If you're really lucky, you might even witness the northern lights,” says Lange, who also points out that Trysil is Norway's biggest skiing destination.

That means inviting slopes and groomed trails, delicious eateries serving local food, and hotels that suit any budget.

Svalbard – an adventurous destination

Find a map and slide your finger from Northern Norway to the North Pole. Do you see the group of islands in the middle of the Arctic Ocean? That’s the Svalbard Islands – a haven for adventurous couples. Here, you will experience rich wildlife, Arctic nature, and old mining towns with a stark and eerie beauty.

“A romantic getaway to Svalbard and the town of Longyearbyen is something you’ll never forget,” says Lange. He recommends a stay at Basecamp Hotel, where you can enjoy an informal atmosphere and rooms decorated with driftwood, sealskin, and slate.

The hotel is located in the middle of Longyearbyen and close to the restaurant Huset, an eatery that isn’t just known for its exquisite flavours – the restaurant takes your date night to the next level with one of the largest wine cellars in Scandinavia.

The white wilderness at Svalbard also offers lots of adventurous activities such as dog sledding and northern lights safaris. You might even spot a polar bear from a distance! Just remember that if you do, keep your distance and do not attempt to approach it.

Find time for each other on Skrova island

There are some destinations that simply make us find inner peace. Skrova in Lofoten is one of those places. Skrova is an authentic fishing village in Lofoten with less than 200 inhabitants. In other words, you and your partner will be almost completely alone while enjoying the stunning surroundings.

“A walk on Kjærlighetsstien (‘The love trail’) is a must during your stay on the island. It’s also possible to book a room at the Skrova lighthouse,” says Lange.

Venerable Skrova lighthouse is 24 metres high and surrounded by white, wooden houses that form a small village. Today, the lighthouse offers more than just a beacon for the local fishermen. It welcomes travellers from all over the world who want to experience a vacation out of the ordinary.

Fall in love with Lillesand

This coastal town in Southern Norway is famous for being one of the best places to experience Norwegian summer vibes. However, Lillesand is also a great place to get lost for a few days in the wintertime.

Dress warmly and take a relaxing stroll in the town centre, along the narrow streets that curve elegantly between white wooden houses. Or find a big smooth rock along the scenic coastal line and share a blanket and something hot to drink while enjoying the view together.

Lange recommends that you end the day with a romantic dinner and a night at the charming Lillesand Hotel, which is located close to the town centre.

Step into a fairytale in Kvitfjell

Surrounded by steep mountains and wooden houses with snowy roofs, Kvitfjelllooks like a scene from a Norwegian fairytale. Here, in the middle of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, you will find everything you need for a romantic weekend.

Gudbrandsgard Hotel is popular with couples and is a top-class ski resort that is just a short walk from groomed trails.

“This is a place where you can enjoy fresh food, spa facilities, and an evening in front of the fireplace,” says Lange.

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