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Huset Restaurant

Huset Restaurant is regarded as one of Norway's best restaurants, with its focus on Nordic techniques, local produce, and critically acclaimed wine cellar.

Huset Restaurant is regarded as one of Norway’s best restaurants, with its focus on Nordic techniques, local produce, and critically acclaimed wine cellar.

From the beginning of 1951, Huset (Norwegian for “The House”) was the communal meeting house of Longyearbyen, and was therefore called “the city's heart”. It has since then served as post office, cinema, fitness room, school, and many other functionalities.

Today, Huset Restaurant is renowned for its world-class kitchen, focusing on using ingredients exclusive to the High Arctic. The restaurant collaborates with local fishermen, trappers and hunters who overwinter on Svalbard. You can look forward to a completely unique seasonal tasting menu, consisting of several small dishes. Add a wine or juice package and enjoy carefully selected beverages that complement each dish.

In 2018, White Guide Nordic magazine ranked Huset Restaurant as the 11​th ​best restaurant in Norway. They wrote: "Even if the competition from Svalbard's other establishments is stronger than ever, Huset is still the best place to eat North of the Arctic circle."

Huset Restaurant was noticed on the international radar as the world’s northernmost fine dining restaurant when the wine cellar was established in the 90’s. Today the legendary wine cellar has over 1,000 titles and almost 15,000 bottles, making it one of the most well-stocked wine cellars in Europe. Since 2006, Wine Spectator magazine has awarded Huset’s wine list with the Best Award of Excellence, which is often regarded as the Michelin Guide of the wine world. Whereas Michelin uses stars in their reviews as a unit of measurement, Wine Spectator uses glasses. Huset Restaurant has been awarded with two of them.

The Huset team invites you to explore the flavorful liquid treasures in the cellar. Here you can get an exclusive private wine tasting, held by their highly knowledgeable sommeliers.

Opening hours and information:
Huset Restaurant
Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00 to 21:00

Wine tasting
Tuesday to Sunday - Reservation by email

Source: Svalbard Reiseliv AS


Huset Restaurant

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