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Our love for


Silent. Mouldable. Cosy.

Playful ...

... and exciting!

Glittering ...

... and dramatic.

... and sometimes quite strenuous too!

In winter, much of Norway transforms into a fairytale landscape covered in white snow.

Well, not just white, as you can see. 
Go outside during the blue hour ...

... or experience a pink morning.
Be the first to hit the freshly
groomed downhill slopes!

Or learn how to photograph a green night under the northern lights.

While skiing might be our absolute favourite snow activity, there are so many other fun things to do without skis!

Like leading four happy dogs into the snow-clad woods ...

... or flying downhill on a sled!

And nothing beats the combination of cold snow and a steaming hot sauna.

Some believe that winter is best
enjoyed outdoors ...

And don't forget that all your partner wants for Christmas ... is snow!

We invite you to share our joy and love – for snow!

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