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Frozen magic

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Discover Hardangerfjord in summer

The low sun. Reflections of the landscape on the deep blue fjord.

During winter and early spring, the Hardangerfjord region in Fjord Norway is serene and spectacular.

And yes, the fjord might be a bit rough at times – so this is also the place to discover your inner Viking.

Best of all, you get to do so without the crowds!

You don’t even have to queue to capture that Insta-worthy photo at Trolltunga, one of Norway’s most famous rock formations.

The hike is very tough, and you must go with a guide who will provide you with snowshoes and show you the safest route.

Are you missing a travel buddy? No worries. Borrow your own personal husky to keep you company and help you stay motivated all the way to the top!

If you have time, spend a night in a comfy luxury tent at the top and watch the sun colour the sky as it sets – and when it rises the next morning.

You can also go for a shorter, less challenging snowshoe hike and take a shortcut down or …

… venture inwards into the fjord on a rib safari or in a kayak.

The mighty waterfalls of the region, including the famous Vøringsfossen, are a unique sight this time of year, as they are partly turned into ice and resemble ice castles.

As you roam the region, you’ll come across several villages by the fjord that are surrounded by mountains.

The charming Rosendal and Lofthus (pictured) will make you want to snap a photo or ten, while thrilling activities await near Odda and Eidfjord.

To taste the flavours of the Hardangerfjord region, try the award-winning local cider.

On the sea outside Rosendal lies one of the world's largest floating art installations, the Salmon Eye. At their visitor centre you can learn about how the ocean industry works.

It also houses the exclusive restaurant Iris Expedition Dining, which offers a unique 18-course tasting menu.

The best way to enjoy the serenity of the fjords is to travel slow. So consider an overnight stay in one of the villages, for example in a cosy hotel or a lodge with panoramic views of the fjord, like Hardanger panorama lodge.

On your journey, you can also make a stop in Voss and catch a gondola directly from the train station to the restaurant at the top of Mount Hangurstoppen – how cool is that!

You can ski back down through Voss resort if you like – there’s a ski rental right there at the top station.

Both Voss resort and Myrkdalen mountain resort are popular skiing destinations, so you can easily combine a round trip with a few days in the slopes.

Another gem that’s just waiting is the Bergen Line – one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys.

From Voss, you can take the train to Oslo or Bergen.

Dibs on the window seat!

To experience everything the Hardangerfjord region has to offer, make sure you set aside at least two or three days.

But note that many visitor attractions, like the Museum of hydropower in Tyssedal (pictured), are only open on weekdays during winter, unless your visit is part of a pre-booked Nutshell tour.

So, decide what you want to experience and make arrangements before you go …

… because a winter getaway to the Hardangerfjord region is an unforgettable adventure.

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