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A winter city break

in the Stavanger Region

Winter doesn't have to be just cold and grey ...

... it can also be quite colourful, if you visit the Stavanger region!

There are less crowds at the hot spots ...

... if you're lucky, you may even have Preikestolen all to yourself this time of year!

Here are 11 reasons to visit the Stavanger region in winter:

1. The street of colours

Fargegaten is just as vibrant in winter! Stavanger's most famous street will make you happy and excited for spring!

2. Outdoor seating!

Speaking of spring ... Norwegians move outdoors as soon as the snow melts, and since Stavanger has relatively mild winters and rarely sees snow, you can start the season early!

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3. Heart-warming food

And if the cool sea breeze picks up, head inside to enjoy some delicious food. Stavanger has a myriad of eateries, including exclusive Michelin-starred dining at Sabi Omakase and RE-NAA, Norway's only two-star Michelin restaurant.

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4. Shopping

Gather the girls!

Stavanger has a cosy city centre with short distances between its many pedestrian streets. Here, you'll find everything from quality Scandinavian brands to unique handicraft shops and shopping centres.

Explore wonderful shopping here

5. Do as the locals do

Soak up the local atmosphere in the charming neighbourhood of Gamle Stavanger, the oldest part of the city, with cobblestone streets lined with traditional white wooden houses.

Warm up with a coffee on the go from one the many delicious coffee roasters in the city ...

... and breathe in the crisp, fresh air at the harbour by Stavanger's historic wharf houses, Sjøhusrekken!

Hot tip: Riding a segway is a fun way to experience Stavanger's sights and attractions!

Just be sure to follow the safety guidelines and enjoy the ride!

Join a segway tour

6. Lively street art

Don't miss Stavanger's cool street art!

Stavanger is known as the epicentre of Norwegian street art, attracting talented artists from all around the world.

Join a local artist as she shows you her favourite pieces in the city

7. Museums

Stavanger has become a very vibrant cultural city and is home to several fascinating museums!

Discover a local festival director's top cultural tips for Stavanger

8. Sola beach

Long, sandy Sola beach, is just a twenty-minute drive out from the city centre and is close to the airport.

Look out for surfers and kiteboarders whoenjoy the beach all year round. Why not give it a try?

You can stay at the nearby Sola Strand Hotel, with its restaurant by the dunes and lovely spa.

9. Winter cruises

From Stavanger you can go on a winter cruise to the famous Lysefjord.

Pass stunning nature attractions like the Hengjanefossen waterfall, and see the majestic Preikestolen from below.

Book with Fjord Tours or directly with Rødne

Choose between a relaxing cruise on the fjord that lasts around 3 hours, or the cruise & hike option that includes a hike to a famous formation.

10. Winter hiking to Preikestolen

Due to relatively mild winters it's possible to hike to Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) in autumn, winter, and spring too!

The round trip is strenuous and takes about four hours, with a total of eight kilometres distance.

In winter, we strongly recommend that you go with a guide, who can also provide the right equipment, as you might need spikes. Operators also offer transportation both ways from designated locations in Stavanger.

11. Hotter than hot

What better way to unwind after a day in the mountains, than by the heat of a fire?

Jump right into the water from the floating saunas at Refsvatnet lake, close to the Preikestolen trail. Damp Sauna is a local operator that has saunas at both Sola beach and in the city.

Remember to book in advance!

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Getting around

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