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Fun things to do without skis

6 eco-friendly winter highlights
Norway is all about skiing, but luckily there are plenty of other activities to do in the snowy landscape as well – from the ice to the slopes.
Three people snowshoeing up Mount Hoven in Nordfjord Three people snowshoeing up Mount Hoven in Nordfjord
Hoven, Loen.
Photo: Bård Basberg / Loen Skylift

During winter, large parts of Norway is usually transformed into a snow-covered haven for people who enjoy the great outdoors.

It’s no secret that skiing is deeply rooted in our traditions, and it’s still a big part of the Norwegian lifestyle. However, there are many other fun things to do that don’t require skis, whether you’re travelling in the mountains, in a city, or along the coast.

If you are in Norway during your winter break, take a look at our guide to some of the highlights of this season.

  1. Be a musher for a day

  2. Join a dog sledding tour and get to know our four-legged friends who’s eager to show you the white wilderness. Try your hand as a musher and steer your own pack of dogs for several days, or enjoy the view as a passenger on a one-day dog sledding trip.

    You will often get the chance to feed and look after the huskies yourself, something that will appeal to dog lovers everywhere. Below you’ll find some of the most popular dog sledding offers on TripAdvisor.

  3. Find your inner child on a sledge

  4. There is no point in denying it: jetting down snow-covered slopes on sledges are as fun for adults as it is for children. And whether you want to try your luck in a frozen luge track or just cruise down a toboggan run, you’ll find many alternatives in Norway.

    From south to north, several operators are ready to welcome riders on all levels. In addition to the offers below, many ski resorts and ski centres have their own sledge tracks that are prepped to perfection. Are you ready?

  5. Stay on top of winter with snowshoes

    Many of us wonder how it’s like to walk on clouds. Well, this is probably the closest feeling we’ll get. With a pair of snowshoes, it doesn’t matter how deep the snow is – you can cruise through the white landscape without problems.

    Join a guided hiking tour and experience the crisp winter air, snow draped trees, and white mountains.

    But don’t forget to take a break during your stroll in the mountains. In Norway, hiking trips go hand in hand with chocolate-covered wafer bars, oranges, and warm drinks.

  6. Ice fishing – a hole lot of fun

  7. Countless lakes and rivers and an impressive coastline mean outstanding opportunities to catch fish here in Norway. During winter time, most of the lakes and fjords are frozen, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying your fishing luck.

    Drill a hole, throw the line into the water, and wait. Nothing beats the exciting feeling you get when you’re waiting for a fish to swim by.

    Remember to be careful, though. Listen to tour guides, and stay off the ice if you don’t know for sure that it’s safe.

  8. Go on a relaxing sleigh ride

  9. Imagine sitting in a horse-drawn sleigh underneath a sheepskin blanket. The horse pulls you through an idyllic village in a leisurely pace, and the only thing you can hear is the sound of the sleigh’s bells and the rhythmic beat from the horse’s hooves. Sounds good?

    Many operators in Norway offer sleigh tours, and if you travel up north, you might even get the chance to be drawn by reindeer across the white plains of Finnmark. It’s not just an exciting activity, it’s a great way to get a taste of what life was like in the old days, when horses and reindeer were amongst our most faithful servants.

  10. Hit the ice on skates

  11. Norway has a long skating tradition and has produced many world champions over the years. And whether you are as elegant as Sonja Henie, as fast as Johan Olav Koss, or have trouble just keeping your balance, skating is all about having fun. Outdoor skating rinks are found in most cities and towns in Norway.

    During winter, you can also go skating on a number of frozen lakes, rivers, and fjords. However, make sure the ice is safe before venturing out. Ask locals, look for signposts, or drill a hole and check the thickness yourself.

    Skates can be hired at most manned skating rinks, but if you want to go skating anywhere else, you must bring your own equipment.

Local weather and climate

In winter, the average temperature in Norway is – 6,8°C, but the conditions may vary quite a lot. In Oslo and the surrounding areas, snowfall is common, and the average temperatures are just below zero. 

The lower inland areas of Finnmark, Troms, Trøndelag, and Eastern Norway can have very cold winters with lots of snow. The inland areas of Northern Norway have an Arctic type of climate with snow, strong winds, and severe frost.

However, the coastal areas of Fjord Norway and Southern Norway enjoy a milder climate. But large parts of the region is still snowy and cold, and that means ideal opportunities for skiing – especially in the mountains.

How to dress for winter in Norway

If you are heading high up or far north – or both, for that matter – dress warmly and in layers. Use wool rather than cotton or polyester, and make sure you can protect yourself from getting wet and being caught in the wind.

Wind chill factor will make you feel much colder than the temperature actually says, and this effect will get worse the stronger the wind. If you’re wet, hypothermia and frostbite may not be far away – unless you are well prepared and dressed.

Find winter activities all over Norway

Check out and read more about some of the best winter activity spots.

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Ice skating
The ice scating field in Loen is open Saturdays during the whole winter season. Possible to buy food and beverages. Rental of ice scates: NOK 60 pr… Read more
Ice scating in Loen
Bring your family and go ice skating in the middle of Kristiansand city center. At the town square you will find a skating rink that is open… Read more
Ice skating rink in Kristiansand
Arendal artificial ice rink is located in Arendal sports park. The rink is perfect for speed skating, bandy, ice hockey and playing on the ice. The… Read more
Arendal artificial ice rink
When the Weather permitting it tracks are prepared in "Fjella" and other woods. There are numerous lit trails (often near schools and residential… Read more
Ski and skates
Vingnesvika ice skating track is suitable for all, and welcomes schoolchildren and recreational exercisers as well as tourists. For the past few… Read more
Vingnesvika ice skating track
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Ice Skating on Lake Laupen in Totenåsen
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Ice Skating Hallingdal Feriepark
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Ice skating
Outdoor ice skating at Frogner Stadium, open in the winter season. Skate and helmet rental open from 3 pm daily. Large groups may make requests for… Read more
Frogner Ice Skating Rink
Free ice skating rink between the National Theatre and Parliament, open every day in winter, usually between late November and March. Skate rental and… Read more
Spikersuppa Skating Rink
The skating rink is located next to the Hovden badeland (aqualand). It is accessible to all and has free admission. Practice long-track speed… Read more
Skating rink at Hovden
Ice fishing
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Ice fishing near Sillongen
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Ice fishing near Sveastranda
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We have snowmobile transport, and there re good conditions for skiing and snowshoes if you prefer. Rental of fishing equipment, and sale of fishing… Read more
Ice fishing
The bus will pick you at the Scandic Hotel in Narvik town centre and you will driven to Lapphaugen Turiststasjon. Here you will be provided with… Read more
Ice fishing
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Ice Fishing on the Edge of Tromsø - Aurora Alps
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Aurora Sami Ice Fishing – Sami Adventure
Vatsfjorden and Rødungen are among southern Norway’s best fishing lakes. The ice is normally safe in January, but always ask advice from local experts… Read more
Jigging Ål in Hallingdal
Sleigh rides
Join a wonderful ride with horse and sled around the farm with several of our beautiful fjord horses. We serve gingerbread and something hot in… Read more
Horse sledding at Langedrag
We offer rides once a week, or on requests when there is a minimum of 8 persons. We go for a ride in the forest, usually in the dark, with torches. Read more
Horse sleigh rides from Venabu Fjellhotell
Horse sleigh rides We start at Flaget Gård, a short walk from the city centre. The ride will take place in wooden terrain and we guarantee an exciting… Read more
Horse sleigh ride
A ride in a horse-drawn sleigh under a starry sky is guaranteed to put you in a romantic mood, particularly when it is followed by a tasty meal and a… Read more
Horse drawn sleigh Ål in Hallingdal
Horse sleigh ride is a very pleasant and evocative experience. You sit comfortably in the sledges with flares, good and warm under reindeer skins. The… Read more
Horse Sleigh Ride Gålå Norway
Sleigh Ride; 45 minutes in the evening with harness bells, torches and warm toddy. Daytrip from 10:00 to 15:00. The horses will take you into the… Read more
Sleigh Ride
We provide a pickup service at all the hotels or at any prearranged place and take a leisurly tour lasting around 45 minutes. We supply lovely warm… Read more
Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride
Reindeer sledding is the oldest form of transport in the north, and an ancient part of Sami culture. During the evening you have a great opportunity… Read more
Northern Lights Reindeer Sledding - Lyngsfjord Adventure
A wonderful area for ski activity – in the middle of Røros town centre. A favourite for families with children. Reached easily on foot from… Read more
Aasgjerdet Alpine and toboggan run
Storefjell Ski- and Toboggan Centre is situated right by the hotel. The ski centre has three lifts and eight pistes of varying length and difficulty.… Read more
Storefjell Ski- and Tobbogan Centre
This is Northern Europe's only artificially frozen bob- and luge track, and the only bob- and luge track in Scandinavia. The track is located at… Read more
Lillehammer Olympic Bob- and Luge Track
Oslo's most popular toboggan run starts at Frognerseteren and ends at Midtstuen metro station. At the end of a run, you can take a 16-minute metro… Read more
Toboggan run: Korketrekkeren
The centre has a family friendly ski tow with a separate sledding slope, park with jumps and rails, a warming room, ski rental and immediate access to… Read more
Storefjell Ski- and Sledding center
We take Fjellheisen to the top and sledg down the hill to Fjellkafeen. Children under the age of 10 must drive with parents. Duration: Approx. 1 hour… Read more
We have our own toboggan!. Not to fare from the cottages the kids can have a great time playing for hours.  And in the reception you can… Read more
Toboggan in Hallingdal Holiday Park
Lia Ski hill is located right outside Lia Hotel. There are 1 lift, 3 slopes and a 1200 meter long sledding hill. The ski lift is 175 meters long and… Read more
Lia ski and sledding
The Ryesvei is an exciting zig-zag path located in the terrain below the Krossobanen Cableway. This outstanding track is open for sledgeriding. The… Read more
Welcome to Rauland Ski Resort! Vierli is a skiing area within Rauland Ski Resort and presents challenges regardless of skill level. Vierli Terrain… Read more
Rauland Ski Resort / Vierli
Tobogganing is not an Olympic sport, but has become one of Lillehammer’s most popular activities. Attach your toboggan directly to the lift, and… Read more
Airboarding is the perfect activity for all extreme sport enthusiasts who love going fast! The speed increases and increases and at some point you ask… Read more
Airboard, Beitostølen
This is one of our most popular activities! You go on our special sledges down the track in Gålågynten. The sledges have steering, power… Read more
Sleding Gålå
TOBOGGAN In Havsdalen you will find one of the longest toboggan runs in Norway. We have special sleds with steering wheel. The toboggan run is in the… Read more
Tobogganing in Havsdalen
Snow rafting, snowmobile and toboganning Fun activities at the farm Brusletto for the whole family. Meet at Stall Brusletto 2,5km east of Geilo… Read more
Snow rafting, snowmobile and toboganning
SleddingWe take Fjellheisen to the top and sledg down the hill to Fjellkafeen. Children under the age of 10 must drive with parents. … Read more
Rafting on huge hoses. For the toughest ones. Sliding on large rafting hoses in specially prepared tracks. The tempo will be adjusted to the persons… Read more
Rafting on huge hoses Ål in Hallingdal
Dog sledding
Polar dogs, deep valleys and majestic mountains, sea ice and clean silence, only interrupted by the breathing of running dogs, our sled and skis… Read more
Private Amundsen Style 5 Days Dogsledding Expedition - Polardogs Svalbard
In pairs, you will take turns mushing (driving a dog sledge team) a team of 5-6 dogs. Two guests will be sitting in the guide sledge,riding 10-12… Read more
Dogsledding, 4 hours - Green Dog Svalbard
Would you like to experience the sound of silence as you travel into a perfectly beautiful Norwegian winter landscape with your very own sled dog… Read more
Beito Husky Tours - Dog sledding, winter
5 days Dogsled expedition to the east East Coast of Svalbard Experience true arctic wilderness. On this tour you will learn and experience what… Read more
Spitsbergen dogsledding expedition to the east coast - Arctic Husky Travellers
Dog sledding on wheels throughout the summer, until the snow arrives!  Try dog sledding with our friendly huskies and Alaska Malamutes, an… Read more
Dog Sledding on wheels
Svalbard Husky is a small dog sledding company on Svalbard. With us you get the personal experience, and the close contact, both with our dogs, and… Read more
Dogsledtrip, by your own dogteam, in the arctic wilderness. - Svalbard Husky
Join us for an adventure in the Polarnight! This trip is perfect for experience dog mushers as well as for those who have never tried dogsledding… Read more
Dogsledding in the Polarnight - Arctic Husky Travellers
We arrange sleddog-trips at wintertime, where you can mush "your own" dog-team; 4- 6 dogs. Longer trips (expeditions) will take place up in the… Read more
RørosHusky- Dogsledding
There are today 26 Alaska Huskies on Langedrag, The dogs live in a modern kennel facility on the farm. We offer our guests dog tour all year… Read more
Dog racing at Langedrag
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