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Get ready for serious winter fun!


Kicksleds, called spark in Norwegian, are genius when touring through the snow.

And anyone can learn how to use one ...

... simply kick and slide!

You can even show off your skills in Norway's two kicksledding championships!

Kicksledding is one of Norway's oldest transportation methods, and it's so much fun for both children and adults. Kick your way from A to B or just enjoy a ride through the Norwegian winter landscape for fun.

Slide away!

Although kicksleds have been used in Norway since 1885, their popularity really took off in the early 20th century.

Today, kicksleds have pretty much the same design as they did back then, with a wooden seat, a standing/kicking space at the back, and flexible metal runners underneath. The metal runners make the kicksled glide perfectly on snow and ice, which is genius for a winter nation like Norway.

Keeping the tradition alive

As more cars took over the Norwegian roads in the 1960s, kicksleds became less used in the larger cities. But that doesn't mean there are no kicksleds around!

In smaller villages and cities, and places with stable snow conditions throughout the winter, like Røros in Trøndelag, people love using them. They are especially popular with children.

In Henningsvær in Northern Norway, you can try riding a kicksled with wheels during Førjulseventyret,a festival celebrating the cosy time before Christmas. Førjulseventyret is held every weekend in November and December.

Rent a kicksled: Many tourist information offices, activity and rental centres, and places to stay around the country rent out kicksleds.

Kicksledding championships

Come along and celebrate the kicksled! Both Geilo, one of Norway's top skiing destinations, in Eastern Norway and Hurdal, in Romerike, northeast of Oslo, arrange kicksledding championships every year. They are both great fun for the whole family.

Spark VM in Geilo

In 2023, Geilo celebrated 40 years of its kicksledding championship, Spark VM. The self-professed world championship includes separate races for children and adults, and is like a winter festival, with music, food, and entertainment.

Anyone can sign up to participate. Don't worry, you don't need amazing kicksledding skills! Competitors are judged on who makes the best show, and people usually wear fun costumes and decorate their kicksleds.

If you don't want to ride yourself, it's always fun to watch from the sidelines! Enjoy something warm to drink and see all the cool kicksleds. The event takes place each year on the last weekend in January.

How to get there: If you're travelling from the capital Oslo or from Bergen in Fjord Norway, you can take the beautiful Bergen Railway Line to Geilo. The trip takes about 3.5 hours from both cities. Check out the cool stops along the way.

VM spark utfor in Hurdal

The downhill championship in Hurdal started off in 2011 and is a fun festival for the whole family. Participants can compete in different categories, with options for both those who want to take it slow, put on a show, or simply want to compete in crossing the finish line first.

The championship is held on the second weekend of February each year, and is open for everyone. So bring your family and enjoy a fun race!

How to get there: Hurdal is about a one-hour drive from Oslo. Find routes and timetables with the travel planner Entur.

The world's largest kicksled

Do you want to take your photo on a giant kicksled? There are some huge ones in both Geilo and Tynset!

The kicksled in Geilo was made in connection with the kicksledding championship in 2011, and was the biggest kicksled in the world at the time. But now you'll find an even bigger one at Tynset.

The Tynset kicksled is six times the size of a normal kicksled, and you can see it in the city centre.

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