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Be a dog musher for a day

These happy dogs would love to be a part of your team!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in charge of a whole team of huskies?

Take it from us, it's a powerful and exciting feeling!

Here is an exciting preview of how it feels to be a dog musher for a day.

Let's go on a dog sledding tour!

Wow,that's a lot of kisses!

Meeting the sled dogs for the first time is such a cosy and important part of the experience.

If you're not used to big dogs, it can be a bit overwhelming when they all come over to say hello.

But these Alaskan Huskies are highly trained, and very well-behaved, so don't worry! They just want to get to know you.

“You can compare the dogs with a school class. Each dog has its own, special personality.”

Ivar Johan Sørli, musher at Geilo Husky

Say hello to Snø! This fearless 2,5-year-old women is one of Geilo Husky's sled dogs.

She is often in the lead when her owner Ivar Johan Sørli compete in dog sledding races.

This is Snø's brother, Haggel!

He's a funny dog, who always like to put on a show.

Luke, (with black fur, pictured here), is more of the quiet type ... at least until he gets his dog sledding gear on.

As soon as he's at the front of the sled, he always wants to run fast, fast, fast!

“Some dogs are more calm, while others will speed up the rest. But the musher is always the pack leader.”

Ivar Johan

You can go dog sledding several places in Norway. On most tours, you can even try mushing!

But first we just need to get the dogs ready!

They know they soon will get to do the thing they love the most (running!), and are raring to go. The dogs' tails are wagging frantically and they are brimming full of energy ...

... with that being said, these sled dogs are surprisingly quiet! It's impressive considering a whole team of dogs is gathered.

When putting on the gear, you simply lock your legs around the dog, and put their feet and head inside the harness. On most tours, the dogs are prepared before your ride.

Each dog has its own special place in the team.

The guides know the perfect spot for each dog.

We are ready!

Are you as eager to go as they are?

When the dogs get the signal to run ... hold on tight to the sled!

The dog team is powerful, and definitely accelerates quickly. Woohoo!

You can turn the sled by leaning to the right or left, and there is a brake you can put your foot on to slow down.

Alaskan Huskies will be more than happy to fly across the snow with you. These dogs are born to run, and they love it!

The dog sledding guides are pros, and will be there to help you if you need anything. Relax and soak in an amazing experience.

After giving it a go as a musher, it's always nice to snuggle up under a warm blanket on the sled and enjoy the rest of the ride as a passenger.

Are you ready to ride?

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