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Fly down Norway's coolest toboggan runs!

Faster, faster!

Tobogganing is the perfect winter activity for anyone looking for speed, adventure, and epic views.

With freshly prepped trails and a ride to the top, all you have to think about is preparing for action! 

Find out where to go racing with good friends

… and check out family friendly toboggan runs for a fun day in the snow!

Lift-based tobogganing makes it easy and fun to fly down exhilarating runs and Norway has plenty! Discover where to go for a seriously fun winter experience.

Fun for all ages

In winter, Norwegians love to ake, go tobogganing. It's a really fun winter activity, and the only thing you need is an akebrett, toboggan, and a hill with snow! Toboggans are sold in shops all over the country, and you can get them in many different versions, included small toboggans for children, race sledges, snow tubes, and more.

You might think that tobogganing is just for younger children, but not in Norway! Our pro toboggan runs with long actions slopes are perfect for older children and adults who want to go racing. With specially made sledges, you can really reach a high speed. Although runs often has an age limit of 10 or 12 years old, there are also have plenty of prepped toboggan runs suitable for smaller kids. Just remember to check the age limit before your arrival.

What's really cool about the prepped toboggan runs is that they're often located by ski resorts, making it easy to combine skiing and tobogganing. Use the ski lift to get you and the sledge up the hill. It doesn't get easier! Sledges, helmets, and goggles can usually be rented on site.

Check out these cool places to go!

1. The toboggan run at Loen

Nordfjord, Fjord Norway

Do you want to experience Norway's longest toboggan run? Then the Hoven mountain in Fjord Norway is the place for you! The seven-kilometre-long toboggan run will give you plenty of fun, and a fantastic view of the fjord and mountain area is also included!

Hoven is a very family friendly place to go tobogganing as it has both a light sled run suitable for the younger ones and a more fast-paced hill for older children and adults.

You can rent everything you need for a fun day at Loen Active in the mountain shop.

How to get to the top of HovenLoen Skylift is a cable car that takes you all the way from the fjord to the top!

2. Dagali Fjellpark

Hol, Eastern Norway

Between the ski paradises of Geilo and Uvdal in Eastern Norway, you'll find a combined ski centre and toboggan run at Dagali Fjellpark.

Here, you can fly down a 1,850-metre-long track with straight stages and curves in custom-built sleds, and reach an impressive speed of 70 km per hour!

Just connect your sled to the T-hook lift at the bottom and up you go! The staff will of course be there to help you if needed, and helmets, goggles and sleds can be rented on site.

Note: Since you can reach high speed in the tracks, there is an age limit of 12 years on sleds (10 years when accompanied by an adult).

3. Korketrekkeren toboggan run

Oslo, Eastern Norway

Korketrekkeren, 'The Corkscrew', is Oslo's most popular toboggan run, and it's free for all to use. It starts at Frognerseteren in Holmenkollen and ends at Midstuen metro station, a total of 2,000 metres. If you ride non-stop, you'll have a fun 10-minute ride!

You can rent sleds from Akeforeningen by the Frognerseteren metro stop. Frognerseteren Kafé Seterstua and Skiservice also have sleds for rent during the opening hours.

How to go tobogganing at Korketrekkeren: To get here, you can take the metro to the starting point at Frognerseteren. When you reach the end by Midstuen, simply take the metro back up! If you buy a 24-hour metro ticket (which also can be used on other public transport in Oslo), you can ride as many times as you want.

4. Tobogganing at Hovden Alpine Centre

Bykle, Southern Norway

Get ready for super-fast toboggans flying down the slopes at Hovden Alpine Centre in Southern Norway! Here, you can hit the slopes at the very top of the ski centre.

It's open to go tobogganing every day that the chairlift is in operation. Note that there is an age limit of 12 for the fastest runs.

For the little ones: The alpine centre has its own area for smaller children called Tusseland. Here, you'll also find an toboggan run.

5. Lillehammer Snow Park

Lillehammer, Eastern Norway

Tobogganing is one of Lillehammer's most popular winter activities. At Lillehammer Snow Park, you can attach your toboggan directly to the ski lift, and enjoy the ride down on a groomed 1-kilometre-long track.

If you want a break, you can warm up in a lavvo.

Age limit: At the toboggan run, the age limit is 5 years old when accompanied by an adult and 10 years if riding alone.

6. Storefjell Ski and Toboggan Centre

Gol, Eastern Norway

Right by Storefjell Resort Hotel in Gol lies the Storefjell Ski and Toboggan Centre. The centre has a separate slope for toboggans, and two large skiing, toboggan, and play areas for children.

Tip: Toboggans and everything you need can be booked in advance!

7. Skarslia ski and sledding

Ål, Eastern Norway

Skarslia is perfect for families! Here, you can rent both single sledges or doubles,and you can also choose between two different toboggan slopes.

You'll find everything you need in the service building, where you can take a break with a cup of hot chocolate in the cosy cafeteria.

Good to know: There is an age limit of 10 years if tobogganing alone, but smaller children can ride on a double sledge with an adult.

8. Tobogganing at Beitostølen

Innlandet, Eastern Norway

Beitostølen Ski Centre has a separate tobogganing lift. If you buy a pass to the lift, you can rent sledges for free (helmet included)!

It's a fantastic ride down a winding slope, and you can choose to go racing on a single sledge or ride together on a double.

Good to know: At Beitostølen there are is no age limit to go tobogganing, but it's recommended that smaller children toboggan together with an adult.

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