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The Christmas town


Cosy, welcoming, and with a touch of luxury. Come along on a Christmas adventure in Trøndelag's largest city.

Bakklandet must be one of Norway's most idyllic neighbourhoods.

This colourful area of Trondheim is beautiful all year around, but there's something really special about it when it's all dressed up for the holidays.

You'll get a true Nordic Christmas feeling while strolling between the cute shops ...

... and welcoming cafés, like Baklandet Skydsstation.

Warm up with a coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy the atmosphere of all the charming, wooden houses.

As you continue your stroll across Gamle Bybro, The Old Town Bridge, you will have an excellent view of the city. It's particular beautiful in the winter light, with a fresh layer of snow on top.

In the city centre, a fantastic Christmas market is arranged in December. It's the perfect place for families, friends, or couples who want to get into the Christmas spirit.

Go for a romantic spin in the Ferris wheel for an incredible view of the city ...

If the weather is not on your side, you can always enjoy a warm meal and something good to drink in the massive (but also cosy) lavvo.

Here, music is being played, and folk tales are being told. The menu is, of course, based on local specialities.

Try a Christmasy hamburger made of reindeer from Røros, beef stew from Ytterøy, or a sandwich with gravlaks, a kind of cured salmon.

It's all so good!

Now that we're all warmed up, let's go explore more of the city!

In winter, thepulsating city centre, Midtbyen, is lit up by beautiful, glittering lights.

With a little bit of luck, the ground will be glittering too, with a white, fluffy blanket of snow.

Midtbyen is not only a cosy place to go for a stroll, it's also an excellent area for Christmas shopping.

Here, you'll find both popular chain stores, luxury shops, and cute boutiques.

There are also several shopping centres nearby, like Trondheim Torg.

We're heading to the city's Gothic queen, the Nidarosdomen Cathedral.

Although it's highly recommended to have a look inside, the cathedral is still a spectacular sight from outside when it's all wrapped up in snow.

Isn't she beautiful?

If you plan ahead, you can book tickets for a heart-warming Christmas concert in the cathedral as well! Just remember these are popular events, so book early.

From one magical building to another – Britannia Hotel is located just a ten-minute walk from the cathedral, and wow, what a sight the hotel is during Christmas!

The facade is covered with the finest lights, and the entire hotel is decked out for a luxurious Christmas celebration.

If you're not checking in, you can still indulge in a fabulous lunch or dinner in one of the hotel's incredible restaurants.

In Palmehaven restaurant you can enjoy a Christmas lunch, a festive afternoon tea and a Christmas dinner, while Michelin-starred Speilsalen offers a spectacular champagne lunch.

When it comes to amazing culinary experiences, Trondheim is really the place to be. In 2022, Trondheim and Trøndelag was named European Region of Gastronomy, which means you're in for a treat.

If you're here during the holidays, you must make sure to try a traditional, Norwegian Christmas dinner!

Ribbe, pork ribs (pictured), pinnekjøtt, salt-cured lamb ribs, and lutefisk, a stockfish dish, are all popular among Norwegians on the main focus of celebrations, Christmas Eve, and several restaurants in the region have them on the menu throughout December.

If all you want for Christmas is an epic meal, you should also secure a table at the Michelin-starred restaurant Fagn.

It's a good idea to book early, as the restaurant are very popular, of course.

If you're travelling with children, you should definitely plan to visit the open-air museum Sverresborg.

This folk museum is located in picturesque surroundings around the ruins of King Sverre's Castle, Norway's oldest medieval castle. Here, you can experience the magic of an old-fashioned Norwegian Christmas.

Have Christmas porridge around the fire pit, and go meet all the little nisser that live in the barn!

And don't forget the most important thing: to send your wish list to Santa.

Is one of the things on your list a new experience?

Trondheim is packed with cool activities in wintertime. Try kayaking at night along the channel and Nidelven river – a cool way of seeing the city of Trondheim, go on a winter boat tour in historic surroundings, or visit one of the many popular ice skating rinks in town or one of the lakes in Bymarka!

Trondheim will give you a fantastic holiday with lots of beautiful memories (and probably a full stomach).

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Have a Merry Christmas!

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