Santa's Christmas porridge

Breathe in the sweet smell of warm milk, butter, and cinnamon. Delicious!

Rice porridge is traditionally served in Norwegian homes between breakfast and dinner on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, the shy, introverted and mysterious fjøsnisse, the authentic gnome-like Norwegian "Santa", who lives in the barn, is hungry too!

Give him a bowl of porridge and he will be happy and look out for the farm animals in return.

Make sure he doesn't see you or he might not dare to come out!

If he doesn't get his porridge, he'll be grumpy and may get up to mischief!

Norwegians also hide a single almond in one of the servings of porridge.

Whoever finds the almond ...

… is the lucky winner of a marzipan pig! 🐷

Here's a tasty recipe for traditional​ rice porridge:

Santa's porridge


    makes 4 servings

    1 ts salt






    Time: 60 min
    Difficulty level: Easy

    Treat your tastebuds by adding a salty slice of Fenalår, dried leg of lamb, to accompany the sweet porridge.

    Although it's most commonly served at Christmas, this traditional rice porridge can be enjoyed whenever it's cold outside and you need some comfort food.

    The Norwegian Cookbook

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