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The Norwegian Cookbook

A gastronomic journey through Norway

Do you miss Norway's delicious waffles? Or do you want to impress your friends with an oh-la-la-meal with skrei or king crab on the menu?

Check out our Norwegian Cookbook, where we have collected recipes for some of our most beloved and traditional Norwegian dishes, as well as heavenly recipes from some of Norway's best chefs and food producers. From delicious lamb stew and reindeer tenderloin to sweet, fluffy Norwegian boller, you are sure to find something for every taste.

Although you can find most of the ingredients in your home country, you should of course plan a trip to Norway, where you can find the best and freshest ingredients and sample delicious Norwegian food at the source!

Its long coastline, high mountains, and major agricultural regions provide Norway with some of the best ingredients in the world. This has led to a culinary revolution that combines old traditions with innovative new techniques and presentation methods. That's why it's no surprise that Norway is the most awarded country in the Bocuse d’Or gastronomic competition.

Are you ready to cook? Warm up for your tasty holiday by trying out some delicious recipes from the Norwegian Cookbook. Our comprehensive lists of ingredients and step-by-step methods will make you feel like a pro in your own kitchen.

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Norway – the most awarded country in Bocuse d’Or

Seafood recipes

Make bacalao, salmon in lefse, and other tasty seafood dishes from Norway.

Recipes for meat lovers

Taste exotic reindeer meat, fenalår, meatballs and other traditional Norwegian favourites.

Veggie recipes

Try plant based spicy potato stew, fresh strawberry and rhubarb salad and other meat free delights.

Recipes for a sweet tooth

Enjoy some kos with Norwegian waffles, sweet buns, and other pastries and desserts.

Enjoy first class seafood!

Sample skrei (Arctic cod), famous Norwegian salmon, king crab and other unique delicacies.

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