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Vegetarian in Norway?

Get top tips on where to find the best veggie restaurants and food

Traditionally, Norwegian cuisine has been based around meat and potatoes, but this is now changing. More restaurants and cafés are finally putting greens in the spotlight.

Hanne-Lene Dahlgren, veggie enthusiast

With locally grown vegetables and world-class fruit and berries, it's easy to find and make fantastic veggie food in Norway.

A veggie enthusiast

"I see myself as a veggie enthusiast. I think the term 'vegetarian' is so narrow, and does not fit most people, while everyone can be a 'veggie enthusiast'. It doesn't necessary mean that you don't eat meat at all, it's just a way of saying that you love veggie-food," explains Hanne-Lene Dahlgren.

Hanne-Lene is a Norwegian food blogger, cookbook author and podcaster. Her books En skikkelig digg kokebok ('A really delicious cookbook'), two editions of which have been publishedare the best-selling vegetarian cookbooks in Norway.

"For me, it's all about showing people how delicious meat-free food can be. You miss out on so many fantastic flavours by skipping the greens. In addition, eating less meat is good for the environment, your body, and animal welfare," says Hanne-Lene.

Eat your greens

"The recipes I make are mainly based on ingredients you'll find in every Norwegian grocery store, and I especially love using seasonal ingredients. We are big on cabbage and potatoes in Norway, which are perfect for veggie recipes, and many other tasty greens too, of course. In spring and summer, I love to feast on delicious fruits and berries. In autumn, you'll find all kinds of beets and other fantastic root vegetables," says Hanne-Lene.

Try Hanne-Lene's delicious recipes for spicy potato stew and fresh strawberry and rhubarb salad.

Did you know that Norwegian vegetables are known for being extra sweet and delicious? The long sunny days in summer, combined with a cool climate, makes them grow more slowly, giving them a more intense flavour.

If you would like to sample delicious seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries, and other local delicacies, Hanne-Lene recommends visiting a farm shop.

Many farms also offer selvplukk, which means that you can pick your own fruit and veg — a fun family activity!

Restaurants and cafés for veggie lovers

Like in many other places, plant-based food in Norway is on the rise, with vegan and vegetarian options on many menus and new restaurants opening up all the time.

"It's no problem finding veggie or vegan options while travelling in Norway. The larger cities in particular, like Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger and Kristiansand, have many restaurants and cafés to choose from," explains Hanne-Lene, adding that she hopes to see even more options popping up in smaller cities and towns.

While in Oslo, Hanne-Lene recommends a visit to the restaurant ASIA Aker Brygge, which you'll find at Aker Brygge by the Oslo Fjord.

"There are so many tasty options there, and they also mark each of their dishes with a climate label, which I think is fantastic," says Hanne-Lene.

The cookbook author also recommends SALT, an outdoor food hall with views of the famous Oslo Opera House, as well as the plant-based café Oslo RAW, the restaurants Cultivate Food and Happy Foods, and the café and restaurant Håndbakt.

Planning a 'veggiecation' in Stavanger? Hanne-Lene knows where you should go.

"Dine at Bellies! It's a high-end place, where you can experience innovative, exclusively plant-based food," says the author.

Discover more veggie-friendly places to eat, as recommended by Hanne-Lene:

Flavourful festivals

If you're looking for a tasty holiday in Southern Norway, Hanne-Lene recommends that you check out Green Week in Kristiansand.

"During the week, all the restaurants in the city are challenged to offer a greener menu. Last time I was there during Green Week, I sampled 18 different dishes in two days. It was amazing," says Hanne-Lene.

You'll also find a veggie festival in the capital. Oslo Vegetarfestival, Oslo Vegetarian Festival, was first held in 2010, and has grown bigger each year since then. The festival is fun for both vegetarians and veggie enthusiasts. Taste delicious veggie dishes, attend cooking courses, and more!

Check listings for upcoming dates for Green Week in Kristiansand and the Oslo Vegetarian Festival.

Another tip from Hanne-Lene is ordering food from a food delivery service like Foodora or Wolt, and having an outdoor picnic. Perfect in spring and summer!

Or would you like to go directly to the tasty source?The fruit village in Telemark and the many fruit and cider farms in Hardanger will definitely please your taste buds.

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