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Get ready for a new year with new possibilities
– and new destinations!

Enter the new year inthe most wonderful and classic way by treating yourself to a stay at an exclusive hotel...

... or by sharing a table with friends and family at a delicious restaurant
in one of Norway's vibrant cities!

Oh, and don't forget to find a rooftop bar to secure the best views when the fireworks show starts at midnight!

But, there are other unique ways to kick off the new year too!

How about experiencing nature's own fireworks, the northern lights?

Do as Norwegians do and go for a freezing New Year's dip!

It's guaranteed to be a refreshing start to the year! brrr...

Or maybe surfing is your thing?

Check out some of the world's most beautiful Arctic beaches!

You can also surf on endless mountain slopes of white gold – or powder snow, as it is also called!

Cheers to new adventures this year!

There are many ski destinations in the country that offer fun for the whole family.

After a long day filled with exciting activities, what's better than winding down in a cosy cabin?

There are lots of amazing treetop cabins around the country.

Or if you can't get enough of the snow and cold – how about spending a night in a castle made of ice, like this one in Tromsø?

Explore the rugged and beautiful coastline of Norway in comfort on a cruise!

Hurtigruten and Havila sail all the way from Bergen to Kirkenes and back.

The magical fjords are breathtaking in winter.

And there are fewer visitors then, too!

Where do you want to ring in the new year?

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