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Gløgg from the Fruit Village

Hot, spicy and perfect for cold nights!

Gløgg is the Norwegian answer to mulled wine, and is often enjoyed in the winter, especially around Christmas time.

Gløgg is often enjoyed without alcohol.

But feel free to add a little red wine or rum, if you like!

Gløgg (makes 12 servings)

3 l apple juice of good quality

1 dl honey

A couple of cinnamon sticks

Approx. 50 g fresh ginger

Approx. 15 cloves

Mix together the ingredients. Add ginger and cloves according to how sweet or sour your apples are. Bring to a boil while stirring.

You can also add some red wine or rum to taste, if you like.


This recipe is provided by Eplemosten, an artisanal apple juice maker in Gvarv, also known as Fruktbygda (the Fruit Village), in Telemark. It's a perfect destination for foodies.

Sample award-winning apple juices, or spend the night in a wine barrel in one of the world's northernmost vineyards!

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