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Traditional thick pancakes from Hå gamle prestegard

The art and cultural centre Hå gamle prestegard is a vicarage located in a beautiful spot by the Jæren beaches south of Stavanger, with only the ocean as its nearest neighbour.

In the old farmhouse from 1789, you'll find a little café, where delicious treats are served.

Author Jon Berg describes the place perfectly in his book Nordsjøvegen – fra Stavanger til Hidra ("The North Sea Road – from Stavanger to Hidra"):

"The scent of freshly made lapper leads you through the living rooms and into the kitchen at Hå gamle prestegard."

Lapper, thick traditional Norwegian pancakes, are a popular snack among Norwegians. They are really tasty, and pair perfectly with sweet brown cheese, or freshly made jam.

Try the recipe from Hå gamle prestegard at home – it's delicious and easy to make!

Lapper – Traditional thick pancakes from Hå gamle prestegard


4 eggs

300 grams sugar

1 l sour milk

1/2 tbsp. baking soda

650 grams flour

Source: Hå gamle prestegard


1. Whisk the egg and sugar into a light mixture. Add the sour milk and baking soda and whisk to combine.

2. Add flour and stir gently into the mixture until smooth. Do not stir too much, as the batter will then become too thin.

3. Fry immediately in oil or butter until golden brown on both sides.

Serve with sweet brown cheese or jam. Enjoy!

There's a lot to experience in the area, and Hå is also an ideal starting point for adventure trips along both the King's Road and the North Sea Road.

Rent a bike and start exploring!

Just a five-minute bike ride from the old vicarage, you'll find Obrestad lighthouse.

The lighthouse was established in 1873, and the lighthouse keeper's house was completed in 1950, with a family home later also established. Today, Obrestad houses a museum with a variety of temporary exhibitions.

Want to experience the Jæren coast at night? The lighthouse keeper's house offers accommodation all year round, with three units that each have amazing sea views.

If you want to continue your journey, you can follow the King's Road to Obrestad harbour, the Grødalandstunet farm museum, and Varhaug cemeteryall of which have dramatic locations by the sea.

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