Norwegian pancakes

Sveler (sing. ‘svele’) are an absolute must-try when you are in Norway. This traditional Norwegian snack is similar to American pancakes, and is usually served with butter and sweet brown cheese, or a butter and sugar mix.

You can find sveler in many cafés across the country, as well as onboard most ferries! In Norway, we call it fergesvele, ferry svele, and it's the perfect treat when travelling by boat.

They're also very easy to make at home! Try the recipe:



4 eggs

6 tbsp sugar

Approx. 500 g of wheat flour

1 level tbsp baking soda

1/2 tsp horn salt

1 l kefir

2 tbsp melted butter



1. Whisk eggs and sugar well.

2. Mix wheat flour, baking soda and horn salt and add to the egg mixture alternately with kefir. Add the melted butter at the end.

3. Fry the svele on a skillet or in a frying pan.

4. Spread butter on the svele once they have cooled down, and sprinkle sugar on top.

Divide each svele in half, fold over and serve. Sveler can also be served with jam and sour cream.

Svele is also a tasty snack to bring along when hiking! Make them at home and bring them with you in your matpakke (packed lunch)!

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The Norwegian Cookbook

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