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Why has Trondheim become a top destination for foodies?
I think it’s because this region provides the very best ingredients.
We have fresh seafood from the fjord, locally produced meat, and lots of excellent vegetables.

Live Krangnes Edvardsen, chef

Trondheim's best cultural spots

with chef Live Krangnes Edardsen

With dedicated chefs and incredible locally-produced ingredients, Trondheim has developed into a gastronomic hotspot. Chef Live Krangnes Edvardsen, a talented young chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant Credo, gives you a taste of the European Region of Gastronomy 2022.

“Although I have only been in this profession for a couple of years, I have noticed how the restaurants in this city have taken culinary experiences to a whole new level. It's so much fun to be a part of the journey,” says Live.

Trondheim has really developed into a top culinary destination in Norway. Thanks to its dedicated farmers and innovative chefs, Trondheim and the Trøndelag region has gained international recognition as the European Region of Gastronomy in 2022.

Although Trondheim is known as the 'home of Nordic flavours', you'll find all kinds of international cuisine in this vibrant city. If you want to sample some exquisite Nordic flavours for yourself, visit one of its three Michelin-starred restaurants. Or maybe you're craving some freshly baked pastries from one of the city's cosy bakeries? Trondheim is packed with treats.

This historical city in the middle of Norway is also full of history and fascinating cultural sights. We asked local chef Live to show us three cultural highlights. Here is the first place she says you can't miss:

Live's cultural triangle

Beautifully situated beside the Nidelven river, you will find Streif Bakery & Café, often referred to as Trondheim's little secret. Despite being in the Midtbyen neighbourhood in the heart of the city, the café is tucked away in a quiet spot.

You'll find the café in the Nidaros Pilgrim Center, which is a reception centre for pilgrims who have walked the popular St. Olav Pilgrim paths.

I come here to get away from the noise, usually after a long day in the kitchen. I love that you can get a cup of coffee and a bolle (sweet bun) and just relax.

In the café, you can enjoy freshly made pastries and a hot cup of coffee, while studying the map wall which shows all the pilgrims who have visited the centre.

Live also likes to enjoy her café treats in the centre's charming garden.

From the garden, you can see Bakklandet, a cosy neighbourhood full of small, wooden houses and narrow streets, and the Old Town Bridge and the listed old wharf buildings. The view is so beautiful and relaxing.
The path that runs alongside the Nidelven River also passes Streif. You can follow it around the entire city.

From sweet to savoury

Live's culinary journey started with sweets and pastries in her childhood home in Surnadal, a small village about a two-hour drive from Trondheim.

“My plan was actually to become a pastry chef. I used to bake almost every night for my classmates, even though I prefer savoury foods myself. I think the interest came from my grandmother, who always served homemade pastries when we came to visit. The rest of my family is also a big part of the path I took,” explains Live. 

At sixteen, Live attended culinary school in Trondheim and became an apprentice at the renowned restaurant Credo, the same restaurant where she is a chef today.

A Michelin City

Credo was one of Trondheim's three Michelin-starred restaurants, but now the renowned restaurant has been moved to the National library of Norway in Oslo.

Fagn is another Michelin restaurant, located in the city centre. Here, you can indulge in a 10 or 20-course tasting menu on the main floor, or enjoy a more simple (but still fantastic!) meal at the bistro upstairs.

“When I'm not working in the kitchen, I love to go out to eat in the city. Trondheim has so many great restaurants and cafés. The croissant bakery Moulangerie is well worth a visit. It specialises in making croissants, and they're really delicious,” says Live.

Bring a coffee and a croissant from the bakery, and join Live as she takes you to her next cultural highlight.

Trondheim offers more than just great food.

Live guides us further into the city. Just a five-minute walk from the hidden café by the river, stands Trondheim's biggest and most famous landmark  ...

… the Nidaros Cathedral, the world's northernmost Gothic cathedral.

The Nidaros Cathedral is a must-see when visiting the city. It's beautiful to look at from the outside, and there's even more to explore inside.

Take in the cathedral's soaring ceilings and stained-glass, and climb up 172 steps for a fantastic view of the city centre.

The cathedral is a fascinating place to visit in every season.

In autumn and winter, you can study thousands of sculptures, which give the cathedral a mysterious atmosphere in the dark months.

In spring and summer, experience the fantastic light inside the cathedral, as the sun shines through the colourful stained-glass rose window.

The cathedral was built over the tomb of St. Olav, the Viking king who brought Christianity to Norway. In the Middle Ages, this was Northern Europe's most important pilgrimage destination, and is still a treasured destination for pilgrims from all over the world.

You can follow the historical trails, the St. Olav Paths, all the way from Oslo to the cathedral in Trondheim, or you can take shorter walks along the paths. The Pilgrimage to Nidaros is a 1,000-year-old tradition, and many still perform the traditional ritual of walking around the entire cathedral three times on arrival.

“I remember visiting the cathedral as a child, and we took a guided tour of the basement and the crypt. That was one of the most memorable parts for me,” says Live.

You can access the basement and the crypt with a guide. Here, you'll find Norway's largest collection of Medieval tombstones, as well as a skeleton dating from the second half of the 11th century.

After so many impressions, it's time to relax and enjoy some fine dining. Live's final cultural highlight covers all your needs.

After just an 8-minute walk from the cathedral, you'll arrive at a temple of luxury.

Welcome to the five-star Hotel Britannia.

I have always wanted to spend the night at the Britannia. It's such a beautiful and luxurious place.

The Britannia offers 233 rooms with a five-star experience. The hotel was established in 1870, and the whole building was renovated in 2019, transforming it into a top-class hotel.

The Britannia is often called 'the white swan of Trondheim', due to the building's facade.

“This hotel exudes luxury, and the building itself is also very elegant,” says Live. 

Many famous people have spent the night in the hotel, including Norwegian Arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen. In 1896, after his expeditions into the northern Arctic, he chose to debrief the geological societies of the world at Britannia Hotel:

Follow in Nansen's footsteps and sample something delicious in one of the hotels six bars and restaurants

The Michelin Restaurant Speilsalen is run by World Champion Chef and Bocuse d´Or silver medallist Christopher Davidsen. If you visit on a Saturday, you can indulge in a champagne lunch with a special 4-course menu. 

Palmehaven is also an incredible restaurant,” says Live.

Since she is a chef, our tour with Live naturally includes a visit to the kitchen. 

Today's menu includes delicacies like scallops, lobster, and apple tart. Delicious!

It sounds (and tastes) amazing.

Wine Director, Head Sommelier and winner of The Michelin Nordic Countries Sommelier Award Henrik Dahl Jahnsen is exceptional at pairing drinks with the kitchen's delicious food.

The culinary experience at Britannia is incredible. It has such high-quality food, and the bar is known for its amazing drinks.

Did Live’s tour of Trondheim make you hungry?

Visit Trondheim during the summer, and take part in the annual Trøndelag Food Festival, which celebrates the flavours of the region. 

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