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Visit one of Europe's
capitals of Gastronomy:

Trondheim and Trøndelag

Come to the home of some of the very best seafood in the world...

... and get a new perspective on freshness.

Taste the finest ingredients from the raw, powerful wilderness and the mountains ...


Reindeer meat.

Fish, right from the lakes and the sea.

Where chefs with a rock 'n roll attitude make magic with surprising ingredients... well as with the delights of slow-growing crops in the countryside.

Fertile and mineral-rich soil has blessed the region with an abundance of flavourful and vibrantly colourful produce.

Dig in!

Welcome to Trondheim and Trøndelag, where every meal is a journey into culinary excellence.

What's cooking in Trøndelag?

Down to earth. Authentic. Rooted in both the Viking Era, Middle Age history and thousands of years of hunting, fishing and farming traditions. Yet at the same time extremely innovative.

The prestigious Condé Nast Traveler listed the Trøndelag region as one of three top destinations for food experiences in 2022,earning it the title of European Region of Gastronomy in 2022.

“The area’s diverse landscape, forests, mountains, fjords, and fields, produces high-quality seafood, organic dairy products, and fresh vegetables, which farmers share locally and with restaurants around the world.​” Condé Nast Traveler

See some of Norway's star chefs and food producers talk about the foodie paradise of Trøndelag below.

The world's best seafood?

So, what's on the menu? Thousands of islands and skerries washed by the cold, pure Norwegian Sea dot the coastline of the Trøndelag region. The cod, salmon, crab and langoustines from this area, especially from the islands of Hitra and Frøya, are shipped around the globe and served at the best restaurants in the world.

"I myself have experienced one of the craziest seafood meals of my life out at the Ansnes Brygger on the island of Hitra. It was just ... wow!" says Norwegian cookbook author Helle Øder Valebrokk. She is one of Norway's most renowned food journalists and writes the popular blog

And she is not alone. She once interviewed the renowned MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston, in Mexico.

"He told me that the seafood in Norway and Trøndelag was the very best he had ever tasted," says Helle.

She firmly believes that Trondheim lives up to its nickname: The home of Nordic flavours.

"No matter where you go in the Nordic countries, the shellfish served at the really good restaurants will now almost exclusively be Norwegian."

Even in Dubai, I was served scallops from Trøndelag at an eye-watering price, described as 'the best in the world'. Something I totally agree with!

Helle Øder Valebrokk

The local food boom

Trøndelag is just as much about the soil as the sea. We have to turn back time a bit to get the full picture. Things have already been cooking for many years in the Trøndelag region.

As unlikely as it may seem, it was Røros, a small, former mining town in the middle of the mountains in southern Trøndelag, that pioneered the local food boom in Norway. You can actually join a local food safari here, for a unique and historic culinary experience.

The trend spread throughout the region. First class chefs started flocking to Trøndelag, drawn by an abundance of great food producers, bringing experience from different corners of the world with them. A strong culture for mixing local food with innovative ideas has emerged here and has brought a bold and passionate culinary attitude to the region.

Thanks to the unique and fertile soil in the region, fruits and vegetables grow more slowly in this part of the world, giving them a sweeter and more intense flavour.

A wide variety of local specialties

"The exciting thing about Trøndelag is that the region is quite unique when it comes to food. Each local area is recognised for its own thing," says Mikael Forselius,former Hotelier & CEO of Trondheim's renowned Britannia Hotel, home to Michelin-starred restaurant Speilsalen.

Your only problem is to choose among the abundance.

The vegetables from the Fosen region, local reindeer meat, dairy products from Røros, and seafood from the Hitra and Frøya region are all among the local specialties. 

Must try specialties:

• Crab, langoustine and other shellfish from Hitra and Frøya

• Seafood and freshwater fish from the whole region

• Reindeer, moose, and venison

• Cured meats and homemade flatbread

• Local baked goods: Lefse, lemse, pjalt

• «Nidelven Blå» blue cheese from Gangstad Gårdsysteri, «Kraftkar» blue cheese from Tingvollost and other award-winning cheeses from Eggen Gardsysteri, Munkeby monastery, Elvekanten Ysteri, Hitra Gårdsmat, Grindal Ysteri, Orkladal Ysteri.

• Brands to look for: Rørosmat, Trondheims Matperler.

Say cheese

The cows and sheep in the region benefit from the lush green grass, producing milk that local cheese artisans use to make some of the world's best cheeses.

2023 marked a record-breaking year for the World Cheese Awards, with more than 4,500 cheeses competing to become the world champion. The prestigious competition was held in Trondheim in Trøndelag. The blue cheese "Nidelven Blå" from Gangstad Gårdsysteri became the world's number one cheese.

“We’re a small dairy farm based just two hours outside Trondheim, so this happening on our home turf means a lot. Having all the crew from the dairy here makes it extra special,” says Maren Gangstad, general manager at Gangstad Gårdsysteri.

Do you want to sample this award-winning cheese? Gangstad Gårdsysteri is one of the highlights on the Golden Road, one of Norway's tastiest cycling trips. Make sure to also try its Camembert and spreadable cheeses, too! The route is also home to plenty of other farm shops, eateries, and cafés that offer local produce, including incredible cheeses.

Bocuse d'Or Europe

In 2024, Trondheim will host the Bocuse d'Or Europe championship, another international recognition of the incredible food journey that has taken place in this small, but proud, region, in the north.

When announcing its selection, Bocuse d’Or stated that "Trondheim is a promising international gastronomic capital."

Did you know that together with France, Norway is actually the most-winning Bocuse d’Or nation?

Thirsty in Trøndelag

There are plenty of ways to quench your thirst in the region, too. A wave of microbreweries, coffee shops, local juice and kombucha producers have popped up in the region.

And a great cocktail is never far away either! Some are made with a local touch:

"Aquavit-based cocktails are actually one of the trending drinks in the Nordic countries and Norway right now, largely thanks to a new wave of local producers and highly skilled, bold bartenders," according to Jørgen Dons, winner of "The best Nordic bartender" award and manager of the popular Raus Bar in Trondheim.

The stylish bar at the Hotel Britannia is also a must for seasoned cocktail lovers. If wine is more to your taste, the sommelier here is one of the world's best, according to the Michelin Guide. You will also find plenty of other great wine bars and cosy pubs around town.

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