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It might be the most important question of your life ...

... so make sure to choose the right surroundings.

Where to propose
in Norway

It can be hard enough to choose the right words, so let us help you find the right spot!

And the right moment!

We know some of the best places in Norway to pop the question, like under the northern lights …

... or maybe on a white beach in the middle of the night, basking in the light of the midnight sun.

A special moment needs a special place. 

Go for it five metres below sea level at the Michelin-starred restaurant Under in Lindesnes, one of Norway's many unique restaurants.

Looking for something extraordinary? Bring out the ring while sitting comfortably in a reindeer sled, gliding through the land of the Sami!

Or are you more of an active type?

Share an adrenaline rush while sliding down a zipline over a cascading waterfall! Who could say no after that?

Why not get the YEEEESSS you want in mid-air?

In Voss, known as the extreme sport capital of Norway, you can find all kinds of thrilling activities, from skydiving and paragliding to climbing, diving and rafting. Check it out!

Enjoying new experiences might make you feel more open-minded – i.e., it's the perfect opportunity to pop the question! Go diving for treasure in the sea... maybe there's a ring there, too!

Make sure to have picturesque surroundings when capturing the big moment on camera!

For example after kayaking around the amazing Vega islands in Northern Norway?

What's more romantic than being together by a beautiful waterfall? It's also the perfect frame for an engagement picture.

In Geirangerfjord, there is even a waterfall called Brudesløret, 'The bridal veil'!

Stunning surroundings are perfect for planning the future – together!

When hiking, you have lots of time for talking and enjoying the view. And maybe you can go down on one knee at the top?

A great day deserves a perfect ending... A truly cool way to get your queen is while staying in a real ice castle.

Norway is full of beautiful private nests that provide the perfect place to propose.

Pick your personal favourite from these unique places to stay.

Good luck!

Maybe we will see you here again, for your wedding or honeymoon!

And remember, in Norway love is free. You can propose, kiss or marry who you want!

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