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Biking around the Oslofjord

Do you want a cycle trip out of the ordinary?

Explore charming coastal villages along the Oslofjord – full of cultural highlights!

The sun in your face and the wind in your hair. The pedals run easy, and there is so much to look forward to.

Let's go!

South of Oslo, there is a truly beautiful two-wheeled adventure waiting for you!

Just rent an electric (or pedal power) bike in the capital and cycle all the way, or take the train to wherever you want to start and end your journey.

Art galleries, historical treasures, local cafés and hidden gems are lined up like pearls on a string. It can be hard to choose where to stop.

But don't worry, we'll show you the highlights – you just have to decide how best to spoil yourself! :)

Combine a city break in Oslo with a biking adventure like no other. Well known to many Norwegians, but still off the beaten track for most foreign visitors, the innermost part of the Oslofjord is a biking paradise with short distances between top cultural experiences, tasty food, and lovely places to stay!

Suggested routes

There are several ways to do this trip. Here are our favourite options!

1. You can bike all the way (except for a ferry ride midway).
2. Bike all the way from Oslo to Moss, then take the ferry to Horten, and bike between Horten, Åsgårdstrand and Drammen.
3. Go by train from Oslo to Moss, then bike the stretch mentioned under no. 2 above until you reach Drammen. We recommend the train at the last stretch from Drammen to Oslo, as there is usually more traffic on this road.

If you are tired of biking when arriving in Åsgårdstrand, you can also jump on a train from Tønsberg (a 45-minute ride, 13.4 km south of Åsgårdstrand) or Sande (about a 1-hour-52-minute ride, 34 km north of Åsgårdstrand).

PS: You can also do the whole trip by car if that suits you better.

A Santa stop in Drøbak

From Oslo city centre, cycle 37 km until you reach the idyllic, small seaside town of Drøbak, known for its rich history, cosy downtown, and narrow streets with small wooden houses. Explore quaint boutiques, art galleries, and local craft shops where you can discover some treasures!

For a more detailed description, check out this travel route description from NAF travel planner, but in short terms: Cycle along the sea on the Mosseveien road until it merges with the Gamle Mossevei road. Then continue on the Nessetveien road until you reach Årungen. Turn right and continue on Freensveien. Follow this road straight ahead (it will first merge into Kirkeveien, then Osloveien), until you arrive in Drøbak.

You should also pay a visit to the historic Drøbak Church from the 13th century, the Santa Claus Post Office in the centre of Drøbak, and the Oscarsborg Fortress on the small island just outside the town. The fortress is reachable by boat, and there is also a nice hotel there. Drøbak has a beautiful shoreline with many good spots, so you can jump in the sea for a refreshing dip too!

Next, continue for 14 km along country roads and rolling fields to the hidden gem of Hvitsten. Do as the famous Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen once did and go for a leisurely stroll along the coastline. Keep an out for the many quirky figures that are exhibited in the area.

You should definitely also make a stop at the unique Cultural Destination Ramme. Treat yourself to an organic lunch from Ramme’s working eco-farm, walk in Edvard Munch’s footsteps, and admire world-class art, or join a guided tour in the fairytale-like Havlyst garden park. You can also spend the night at the upscale Ramme Fjordhotel before pedalling on.

The idyllic summer village of Son is about 11km further south. By now you might want to park your bike and spend the rest of the day (and maybe rest your tired leg muscles) at the posh Son Spa Hotel. Bad weather? A hot sauna is the answer!

On the road again. The next stop is Moss, 12 km away. Bike along the sea all the way to the city's brand-new Riviera Hotel!

If you are looking for tropical vibes, you are sure to find some here!

The hotel is located right beside a beautiful beach, with a spa and swimming area on the rooftop along with a bar that serves colourful drinks.

We continue strolling through more historical parts of Moss.

There are many green parks and cosy cafés, including Farbror Melkers Café, that are worth a visit as you stroll by the river, former factory buildings, and the old town.

Discover charming architecture and rich history – or just snap a few cool Instagram pictures!

Leaving the city behind, it's time to experience some real rural luxury on the idyllic Jeløy peninsula, just a 10-minute bike ride from Moss.

Biking through a lane lined with maple trees this big is an experience in itself!

At the end of the lane, a large gate leads to ...

... Gallery F15!

This stately manor house, surrounded by cosy farm buildings, is one of the oldest and most prestigious exhibition venues for contemporary Nordic art and handicrafts.

It also has ...

... Moss's best cake, Albykringlen (Alby cake)!

It might even be the world's best cake (in our opinion at least)!

Just a five-minute bike ride away lies charming Røed Farm.

The farm is mentioned in documents as far back as the 14th century. The current structures were built in the 18th century, so there's plenty of history in its walls!

Several artisans have workshops and galleries in the historical buildings.

If you have room after that lovely cake you just ate at Gallery F15, you can sample some delicious food and drink in the café in the cosy garden!

Ready to be treated like a lord?

Welcome to Refsnes Gods!

Guests have been enjoying this view for over 250 years.

Perhaps the world-famous artist, Edvard Munch, stood here pondering life during one of his stays.

He and other famous Norwegian artists like Peder Balke, Hans Gude and many more, found inspiration here for their masterpieces.

After a long day packed with experiences, unwind with a tasty dinner in the beautiful, historic restaurant. Or time your cycle trip to arrive for afternoon tea at weekends!

If you want to spoil yourself, spend the night here, or in nearby Moss. There are also several good camping options in the area.

Good morning, sunshine! Let's head to the western side of the Oslofjord.

Or maybe you have to return to Oslo? The choice is yours, but if you choose to continue, hop on the ferry from the centre of Moss.

After a 30-minute ride, you'll reach ...

... Horten!

Start by exploring the Horten canal and the former naval base, Karljohansvern!

Ever dreamt of climbing inside a submarine?

At the Karljohansvern Naval Museum (open year-round), you can! But be aware, it might be a bit...

... tight, especially if you have claustrophobia.

The submarine was in service from 1965 until 1990, before it was donated to the museum. Just imagine what life was like for those who served onboard when it was in service!

Don't worry, the museum also has less cramped exhibits!

One of the world's oldest of its kind, the naval museum features exciting collections related to naval history in both war and peace.

The same building also houses Preus, Norway's National Museum of Photography, with its collection of over 325,000 photographs by Norwegian and foreign photographers.

Interested in history?

Then you should keep pedalling for about 20 minutes until you reach Borre.

This magical area was once an important settlement during the Viking Age. Today, you can still see the large burial mounds that remain (some are even untouched)!

Don't miss the Midgard Viking Center, a living museum.

The Viking longhouse is a replica built according to the original design of these houses, dating back centuries. At the centre, both young and old can try Viking activities – all year around.

Let's get back to modern times and keep biking a few more minutes south, to the charming seaside village of Åsgårdstrand!

The village has a thriving arts community, with several galleries and shops, centred around the cosy pedestrian street of Smalgangen.

Look out for a small yellow house, surrounded by a garden with tall trees and a beautiful view over the sea.

The well-preserved house belonged to world-famous painter Edvard Munch.

Brushes, palettes and other personal items even remain in the house and studio, which have remained virtually untouched since the painter left the property for the last time.

Pssst! You can't say you've been to Åsgårdstrand if you don't take a "The Girls on the Bridge" photo!

We think Edvard would have been proud.

Starting to get hungry?

Treat yourself to lunch or dinner at the Grand Hotel in Åsgårdstrand, right above the bridge where you just took a photo.

Both the view and the food are divine!

Vel bekomme (bon appétit)!

When it's time to go back to Oslo, bike through lovely fields along the sea towards Sande.

On the way, you will pass the fjord village of Holmestrand, which is a good place to take a break before pedalling the last stretch to the train station in Drammen.

If you are tired of biking, you can also take the train from Tønsberg, which is just a 45-minute ride from Åsgårdstrand.

Time your trip

This trip can be as long or short as you want it to be. Spend a week, a weekend, or just race the whole route in one day. If you bike the whole route from Oslo to Drammen without any stops, the whole trip is around 166 km (9.5 hours), but check below for times and distances.  Although you can do it all in one day, we recommend taking your time to experience all the sites on the way!

Distances between the stops:

(NOTE: faster with electric bike)

  1. Oslo–Drøbak: 37.5 km - 2 hr 9 min
  2. Drøbak–The Cultural Destination Ramme: 12.2 km - 52 min
  3. Ramme–Hvitsten: 1.5 km - 5 min
  4. Hvitsten– Son: 11.2 km - 46 min
  5. Son–Moss (Hotel Riviera): 11.3 km - 37 min
    1. In Moss: Hotel Riviera–Farbror Melkers Café: 634 m, 3 min
    2. Farbror Melkers Café–Galleri F15: 5.5 km, 19 min
    3. Galleri F 15–Røed Farm: 1.4 km, 4 min
    4. Røed Farm–Refsnes Gods: 2 km, 8 min
  6. Refsnes Gods–Moss Ferry wharf: 3.2 km, 12 min
  7. Moss Ferry wharf–Horten Ferry wharf (by boat): 10.9 km - 34 min
  8. Horten Ferry wharf–Karljohansvern: 2.5 km – 8 min
  9. Karljohansvern–Borre: 6.9 km - 24 min
  10. Borre–Åsgårdstrand: 4.2 km - 14 min
  11. Åsgårdstrand–Holmestrand: 20.7 km - 1 hour 9 min
  12. Holmestrand–Drammen: 33.9 km - 1 hour 48 min

(This route was planned using NAF's travel planner)

Train journeys (you can buy tickets on Vy or Entur):

The eastern side of the Oslofjord:
Oslo – Moss: 30-40 min

The western side of the Oslofjord:
Drammen – Oslo: 33 min
Sande – Oslo: 49 min
Tønsberg – Oslo: 1hr 11 min

Extend your trip

For a longer trip, continue along the eastern side of the fjord from Moss to the charming city of Fredrikstad. Then bike to Strømstad (across the border in Sweden), where you take the ferry back to Norway and the summer city of Sandefjord. From there, cycle north through Tønsberg and Åsgårdstrand before continuing on the route above back to Oslo.

Discover Norway offers a pre-packaged 6-day cycle trip along this route.

Get your wheels rolling and plan your trip to Moss and Horten now!

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